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writerwithacause wrote 1163 days ago

Hello, Will you have a look at one or both of my books and offer som....

CarolinaAl wrote 1163 days ago

Hi Bicep, I'm here looking for your consideration of "Savannah Fir....

Stuart & Victor wrote 1163 days ago

Hi Bicep, we're a couple of charismatic souls with a fresh new story ....

Tom Kendall wrote 1163 days ago

Hi Just browsing to see who was online and came across your entry. ....

Marita A. Hansen wrote 1164 days ago

Hi, Marie. Just letting you know about my book BEHIND THE HOOD. It's ....

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I wrote 1163 days ago

Wow ,i devoured each chapters...great work..look foward for the next?? view book

I wrote 1264 days ago

David, i want some more, when the next chapiter? view book

I wrote 1272 days ago

Hey David, more than half read and cant wait to read the rest really "accrocheur" love your style.. view book

I wrote 1274 days ago

David, after reading a few of your short storys, and loving them, i started reading this new one ,and i am really enjoiyng it ,love your style ,always brings reflexions of our great?? world you have a gift ,thanks for sharing it! view book

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