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I'm 65, I still downhill skateboard. I live about two hours from Santa Cruz, so I haven't officially retired from surfing yet. I want to maintain Christ as the center of my life. I'm also retired and live with my wife, Eldest son and my two Granddaughters Tabitha 12 and Emily 8
I worked in the steel fabrication trade for forty years. The last twenty in the office as the supervisor of the layout department.Working as a liaison between the shop and the engineering department.

I will trade reads. I try to read at least five chapters of your book as soon as possible. I'm human, so remind me if I miss a read, thanks.
I could really use people who are willing to back my book, but only if they deem it worthy. Thank You.

Agents and or Publishers can contact me at:


Thank you to my loyal supporters, I'll try to make a comeback after my open heart surgery in Sept. 2012.
Recently out of the hospital after being in 21 days. 17 days in ICU, 4 in hospital ward. I am still too weak to work on my book, but just wanted to tell everyone thanks for your support.

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Surfer, Soldier, Outlaw, Saint....

Crayton Conger Bates

Coming of age in the 60's. Growing up in a beach community as a surfer. Drafted into the army at 19 and sent to Vietnam.

Coming of age in the 60's. Growing up in a beach community as a surfer. Drafted into the army at 19 and sent to Vietnam. Coming home to a hostile welcome when I was expecting a hero's return. Even my friends shunned me and asked if I had killed women and children. Finally finding a place where I was respected and wanted.I became a member of a Southern California outlaw motorcycle gang. The vice president of the club called me the living legend because I did everything to the extreme. After years of hate, alcohol, drug abuse and violence. I had a kind of meltdown where I became even more dangerous and very unstable. At this low point I knew I was going to die and then Christ revealed himself to me. Not through someone telling me about Jesus, but by finding an old Bible and when I held it I felt peace for the first time in my life. My curiosity led me to a Life with Christ as my Lord and Savior.


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tone099 wrote 42 days ago

My name is Peter Reich, special investigator to the Pope and former c....

ssurfer wrote 149 days ago

Hi Crayton, How's it going? I just returned to Saudi Arabia, and ge....

jrevino wrote 171 days ago

Hello, my name is James Revino. I am the author of 'Hollow.' I was wo....

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hello my dear' my name is JULLIET EBUE ,i saw your profile....

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Hi Craig, Thank you for backing my book. It has been awhile since ....

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I wrote 594 days ago

The outright thrashing of Donna Robison's book by Elaine Chaika is uncalled for at the least. It is her choice to like or dislike as she pleases. But, I see no need to be overtly aggressive and mean spirited. Having been in the military helping to keep our country free. Free speech is a privileg... view book

I wrote 600 days ago

Thanks for getting back to me. Don't worry about getting my book mixed up with another, apology accepted. I also will look into those two sections you noted. It was "at the time I did not realize it sucked". You must have led a very sheltered life. On the lighterside, I guess I'm lucky you aren'... view book

I wrote 618 days ago

Just for general information, this is not a dark tale. It is written in a humorous way. I purposely sanitized it so it could and would appeal to as many people as possible. I would rate it no more than PG13. In the book my views about Christianity are in no way pushed down anyone's throat. I just... view book

I wrote 619 days ago

Lenny, I have been reading your book. It flows very well and Iam drawn into some of the activities. You have developed the characters well. I also believe the life lessons they have learned are very valuable. I like your writing style, it is an enjoyable read. I have starred it very high and ... view book

I wrote 646 days ago

Elizabeth Kathleen is a friend, my sister in Christ, also the sister I never had. She is Godly, caring, sweet, compassionate and really, really funny! You will be blessed by this book if you read it and more blessed if you back it. She is too shy to say this, but it can be bought on Amazon. If y... view book

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