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Hi, I'm Effie, aspiring writer, ex-University student, part-time drinker of wine!

No, seriously. I love books, always have, always will. I was the child with her nose in a book constantly, much to the annoyance of my friends and relatives.

favourite books

Harry Potter series - who doesn't?!
Anything written by Jodi Picoult
Stephanie Meyer's Twilight series,
Judy Blume's Fudge Series - Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing
Mark Haddon - The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time

I can be contacted by email at - effieshephard@gmail.com

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my books

We All Fall Down

Effie Shephard

What lessons did they forget to teach you at school? Ask Ellie, she thinks she knows a thing or two.

As a kid, Ellie was full of promise; now at the age of 25, she’s full of prescription drugs.

Ellie is in a rut, her social circle is rapidly depleting; a ‘headshrinker’ is trying to draw out her deepest secrets; and her Mum is obsessed with her inability to settle down with a ‘nice’ boy.

The last ten years have been tough, and finding that school left out a lot of important information doesn’t make it any easier.

Ellie’s problem is that she can’t make a decision about anything; being an adult is certainly no easy ride. Especially when every choice you make is deemed unacceptable by almost everyone you know.

What she has to do now, is find some direction. But which way do you go when you don’t know where you’re heading?


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I wrote 680 days ago

Hi Rachel, I’ve taken a look at ‘Ten New Martyrs’ and I really enjoyed it, you’ve tackled what I’m sure is a sensitive subject extremely well. The only thing I wasn’t so sure about was the opening few paragraphs, before the introduction of Sinead; I almost felt as though it was an academic piece on... view book

I wrote 681 days ago

I've read up to the end of Chapter 4 and I have honestly lost count of the amount of times I've laughed out loud. Thank you for cheering me up! At first glance, I wasn't sure that a superhero story would be my kind of thing, however, the way you have written is funny and to the point. I like the w... view book

I wrote 682 days ago

Hi Sarah, sorry for the length of time it's taken me to return your read! This is gripping from the onset. I love the theme, and despite it being one presumably set in the future, I would agree that it's something which is relevant to the young adults of today as well. Mina seems an instantly lik... view book

I wrote 686 days ago

Fatema, this is one of the most thought provoking things I have read for a while. Your concept is certainly unique, and the way you write has an almost poetic quality to it. I'm not sure whether this would appeal to the 'mass-market', however I'm sure that there is certainly an audience group who wo... view book

I wrote 686 days ago

Hi Polly, sorry its taken me so long to comment on this! Most definitely worth the wait though. The way Coo is introduced to us, and built upon, chapter-by-chapter is very endearing; I feel that readers of all ages will be able to identify with her, and feel concern for her. Coo clearly has some ... view book

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