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Genre fan, Fantasycon minion, Lightspeed Magazine slusher, Apocalyse Girl, Shiny Shorts dictatrix and nearly-brain-dead history student...

Taurus cover art from the fabulous Bradley Wind.

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Aliette de Bodard, Lilth Saintcrow, Kari Sperring, Charles De Lint, Terry Pratchett, Joe Abercrombie, Chaz Brenchley, Juliet E McKenna, Jim Butcher, Elizabeth Moon, Marion Zimmer Bradley, Mark Chadbourn, Patricia Briggs, Gail Simone, Simon R. Green, Stephen King, Daniel Fox, Jim C Hines, Kate Griffin

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AuroraNemesis wrote 793 days ago

I would be very grateful if you could find the time to check my book ....

A G Chaudhuri wrote 793 days ago

Dear Jenny, My apologies for this unsolicited message. It’s an invi....

mdws77 wrote 818 days ago

If you think this is spam, then please ignore. However, this is the b....

Robert Slimm wrote 872 days ago

Hi Jen I'm wondering of you would concider backing 'Slickswitch' I a....

writerwithacause wrote 888 days ago

Hello Jen, Will you have a look at my book Love Me Sane, offer some ....

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I wrote 1263 days ago

Gosh, that is rather good. The writing is solid and you excel at the characterisation in the stories. One thing I would say, though, is that in Injustice, the Bob section - both the flashback/reminiscence and present day scenes in the cell detract from the larger story as the reader gets hooked on... view book

I wrote 1315 days ago

In general: You do an excellent job with scene setting and world building. The camaraderie between Behren and the other students is good although Caillen has a couple of off notes here and there where she descends a little too much into nagging girlfriend mode. You're doing great withbuilding up... view book

I wrote 1320 days ago

Great setting - a little bit steampunky and a refreshing change from standard fantasy fare. Your writing is solid and the story is excellent. Post more chapters please, I need to see where it's going! :-) Only nitpicks (apart from minor typos) I can find are in Chapter two where, 1) using tragic... view book

I wrote 1354 days ago

Crikey. Talk about kicked right in! This is brilliant. Well told and moves along at an excellent pace. You get an instant sense of the world and the characters are fully rounded. And no nitpicks that I can find. :-) Fab story. Needs to be published. :-) view book

I wrote 1359 days ago

Love this. Fastpaced and generally exciting. Backed! view book

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