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From now on EDITING is taking up all my spare time! Both 'Wormholes' and 'The Dark Citadel' are going to be published – 'The Dark Citadel' first, in February 2013.

Thanks to everybody who helped get both books into publishable shape.

Watch this space for the sequels...

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Macefield's The Box of Delights
JG Farrell's Troubles
Roddy Doyle's Barrytown Trilogy
Barbara Hambly's Darwarth Trilogy

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fati ahmed wrote 201 days ago

Calling For Help, Permit me to inform you of my desire of going in....

anada wrote 242 days ago

maryanada69@yahoo.co.uk Hi love I saw your profile today and lov....

Eftborin wrote 410 days ago

Pals, friends, acquaintances…how are you? The Greenest day on the pla....

Jacoba wrote 416 days ago

Okay will do Jane, and thanks for commenting on Grey. Much appreciate....

Jacoba wrote 417 days ago

Cheers for the backing. When can I get a copy of Dark Citadel, did I ....

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I wrote 576 days ago

YARG review Hi Isabel, I agree with the preceding comments that this is good. The transition from the predictable school drama to the tension of the second part gives the story a more mature edge that makes it stand out from the crowd. If you’re looking for criticism rather than just praise, I’... view book

I wrote 578 days ago

YARG review Chris, This is all action, and you write action well. Also, you begin the story with movement which immediately grabs the interest. There are a few things that struck me that you might like to think about. The downside of plunging straight into the action is that the reader has no ... view book

I wrote 604 days ago

Lenny, your first chapter won’t open so I read the second. This isn’t a fair assessment as I am not starting at the beginning of the book. It is a subject I know nothing about, and it isn’t the sort of thing I would choose to read. All I can do is give my impressions of it as a piece of prose. Firs... view book

I wrote 637 days ago

Z.N. Explain to me why they needed to leave the village, I feel as if I’ve missed some vital part of the plot. The village is in a larger cleared space than the one they camp in, so wouldn’t it have been easier to defend that somewhere in the depths of the forest? Is it because they want to get... view book

I wrote 640 days ago

Rachel, This is the same extremely sensitive writing, transporting the reader into the thirteenth century with none of the inessential details that usually clog up historical fiction. It is very lightly done, but you really take up there. The imagery and the descriptions are beautiful. I partic... view book

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