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A mother of two beautiful boys and trained Breastfeeding Supporter who works as a Teaching Assistant,

Passionate about breastfeeding who is proud, yet astounded, to be successful in publishing 'Just Call Me Daisy; Breastfeeding Mothers' Stories'.

A delightful collection of true brastfeeding stories written by Mums, Dads and Grandparents ffrom around the world

favourite books

The Time Travellers Wife
Politics on Breastfeeding by Gabrielle Palmer
The Curious Incident of the Dog by Mark Haddon

but I love any good thriller!

my websites

http://www.justcallmedaisy.moonfruit.com     http://www.etsy.com/listing/70421192/just-call-me-

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my books

Just Call Me Daisy; Breastfeed....

Lyndsey Bradley

Grab a cuppa, latch baby on and put your feet up to enjoy these true breastfeeding short stories and poems.

'Daisy' is the tales of true breastfeeding adventures. Now published in this beautiful anthology called 'Just Call Me Daisy; Breastfeeding Mothers' Stories' by Lyndsey Bradley.

Lyndsey Bradley says "During feeding two baby boys my experience was not always been easy and writing my story gave me motivation to continue. I want it to inspire other mums to have a go, or, give a nourishing reminder of breast feeding days."

This anthology is a collection of encouraging breastfeeding short stories and poems. sometimes funny, sometimes sad, but always poignant. Written for mums by mums, dads and grandparents, 'Just Call Me Daisy; Breastfeeding Mothers' Stories' encouraged this mum to stop feeling alone and gave her motivation and drive for plenty more breast feeding success stories!

Whether you are a new mum, or just want to remember the good old feeding days, these stories are for you.

Please enjoy this snapshot of the finished book. 'Just Call Me Daisy; Breastfeeding Mothers' Stories' is now available now online from many good stockists or http://www.etsy.com/listing/70421192/just-call-me-daisy-breastfeeding-mothers?ref=af_shop_favitem


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fatema wrote 815 days ago

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GILLIAN.M.H wrote 975 days ago

Hi Lyndsey, nice to see you took notice of my comment. The cover lo....

GILLIAN.M.H wrote 977 days ago

Hi Lyndsey, I saw your book on a forum, and decided to back it after....

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After one year on the site and over 700 reviews, I have accepted many....

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I wrote 975 days ago

Hi Everyone, just wanted to thank you all for your feedback and lovely comments. The book is now complete and published! You can purchase it online from amazon, waterstones, WHSmiths etc or I currently have it on sale with 0% discount on etsy.com: http://www.etsy.com/listing/70421192/jus... view book

I wrote 1992 days ago

I was drawn to your book as I too write about parenting. Although mine is a very different take since it is about breastfeeding. I enjoyed your book and it was very entertaining. Good Luck:) view book

I wrote 1992 days ago

Hi Lexi, A great read and I am pleased to see you in the top five. You write wonderfully and ensure the reader is gripped to keep reading on chapter after chapter. Shelved! view book

I wrote 1992 days ago

Loved how this started and I am looking forward to reading more. Good Luck :) view book

I wrote 1997 days ago

Hi Amanda, I think the more parents who are made aware about pregnancy and birth the better. An a fantastic idea to do so through people who have already experienced it. I feel it really brings educational books alive and gives opportunity to connect to the reader. If you are stilll wanting a sto... view book

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