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I adored and devoured books as a child and throughout most of my adult life.
it took all that time to decide i wanted to write too.
I spent most most of that time researching the past, wherever my interest took me.

favourite books

red badge of courage,war and peace,knight in anarchy, imperial governor. to glory we steer. sun of york.

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Command. Centurion

peter lewis

an Auxiliary unit of Germans, fighting for Rome, find themselves isolated when Boudiccas revolt threatens the British province.
They fight to live , to survive.

In AD 60, the province of Brittania was largely pacified, but there was still a threat on their frontiers. There were still enemies to fight.
While the governor sought to pacify the west for all time, the real threat burst out in flame and death to all things Roman, from within.
The Iceni and their allies, struck at the heart of Roman Britain.
Cities and towns burned, thousands slaughtered. While the legions were away, the garrisons fell or fled.
One such auxiliary and foreign unit seeks safety, fighting for themselves, as much as for Rome.
They serve their prince, A Teutone, a son of their king, to keep the peace for Rome.

He is their Centurion, but their lord too. Their loyalty to him is as hard as the iron they wear.
They have their honour and steel to prove it.
Their lives, their loves and their strength will be tested.


adventures of little sir karot....

joveth Joaquin peter lewis

someone thought of a a childrens book, about the extraordinary talents and journeys of vegetables and fruits in a strange world. so here goes.

in wild and strange land, filled with adventure and wonder a group of vegetables and fruits have to do more than they ever dreamed of. man and animals evolved while they were left behind. now they have to save their little world. Karot and his friends learn as they travel off into a new world.


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Nathan Maki wrote 97 days ago

Hi there! I just wanted to thank you for backing my book, A War With....

Nathan Maki wrote 580 days ago

Hi there! Thanks for your support for my book, A War Within! ....

TDonna wrote 644 days ago

petrovitch, If you’re looking for a new book to read and back (if yo....

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Hi there - just extending the ink-stained hand of friendship. Cool he....

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I wrote 804 days ago

its a complete book...i only managed to finish a childrens book. i 've been trying for 20 years to finish a full novel, i may this year... so you have my respects for submitting a completed work. i like your ideas, the theme and the imagination... but story comes at you like a runaway train....des... view book

I wrote 1029 days ago

chapter one is the opener. i didn't want to laden it with detail as that comes later. but i see your point. i revise chapters 1-6 regularly....so i might drop something in. thanks for the critique view book

I wrote 1052 days ago

your points on punctuation and misplaced phrases, are well founded. and i thank you for them. i battle with dyslexia, or at least word blindness. and it takes many readings to see the errors. so the changes are eventually made correctly. so i'm grateful to you. i can only answer for the points you m... view book

I wrote 1126 days ago

people do speak in short sentences, particularly in the army. soldiers always have. it saves time, efficient, hence the orders, given eg. 'shun' , stand to etc. have you served in her majestys armed forces? latin spoken and language of that period is based on short forms, gael, celtibrean and br... view book

I wrote 1135 days ago

this reads so well. which is good for me. i was grabbed by the warm close feelings from the old man, the boy. from the start. i could almost picture 'papa'. if you dont publish, there is no justice. view book

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