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I'm not on here much, so if you want to look me up, check out my facebook. Look for DianasDen. :)
I'm a 34 year old wife and mother of two. In addition to being a full time mom, I'm an on-call supervisor for an in-home senior care provider, part-time manager/dog bather at my sister-in-law's grooming shop, and child care provider. Add to that, I write at least one chapter per day and I'm one busy woman.

I have been passionate about writing from the time I learned how to pick up a pencil and I love that there is place to share my work.

I read as much, if not more than I write--so don't be surprised if you see my comments on your book. If you'd like to recommend a book, that's great. But please don't ask me to do a read swap. If I find your book or someone recommends it to me and I find it interesting, I'll read it. I would never expect someone who is only interested in YA to read my novel just because I read theirs. If your work is good, if my work is good; it will eventually rise on its own merit.

The website below has Royally Trained as well as the other two books in the series. Plus my latest novel, Between The Covers. I will eventually get them all on here, but it may take a few weeks.

*please note the use of a pen name from now on

favourite books

The Black Dagger Brotherhood Series by JR Ward
Gone With The Wind by Margaret Mitchell
Twilight and sequels (don't tell anyone) ;)
The Mortal Instruments Series by Cassandra Claire
and many, many, many, many more

my websites

http://www.wattpad.com/user/callmeams     http://facebook.com/dianasden

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Welcome to authonomy, I'm Susan writer of A.O.V. Angel of Vengeance a....

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I wrote 551 days ago

Very funny at times, with just a few typos. The misunderstandings and overbearing mother moments from page one were fabulous. Being American I had some trouble with some of the slang--i.e. it took me a few minutes to wrap my head around rumpy pumpy. At first I though it was referring to anal s... view book

I wrote 570 days ago

Good Lord where's the rest!!!!!!!!!!!!! view book

I wrote 570 days ago

Chapter 24 I nearly stopped reading when I go to the part where he says to her, "You know what I am. Say it." I enjoyed the Twilight books, I really did. But if Robert starts to sparkle, I'm going to stake the bastard. This story is too good for what you did there. You did redeem the chapter b... view book

I wrote 570 days ago

Chapter 13: this may be a deliberate slip up, but seeing that Mia didn't notice it. At one point Ollie says that Bill has asked him to go to London. But then several paragraphs later he says he doesn't know where Bill is and that he hasn't heard from him in days. Obviously he's nervous and flust... view book

I wrote 570 days ago

Good grief! I feel like i'm hanging on the edge of my seat. What is going on in this little town? And what is so special about Mia? And just exactly WHAT is Robert and maybe Chris too? I am thoroughly intrigued. The only criticism I would have is that the first few chapters seemed a little s... view book

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