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About me? Hmmmm...

Well, I am a total mess! But aren't all creative minds. I write, paint, draw, but writing is my passion.

What am I up to? Well, I finally let go of my baby. After five years and lots of rewrites and worry, I held my breath and took a chance. Hearts and Lies: Son of a Mobster is now published and available on Kindle and paperback on Amazon.

My fingers are crossed. LOL. But seriously, I never wanted to be famous. I just want to write and share my stories with the world. :)

favourite books

I love everything I have ever read by V.C.Andrews, but if I had to pick one for my all time favorite it would be My Sweet Audrina

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Hearts and Lies: Son of a Mobs....

Jennie Lyne Hiott

He's a mob boss. She's a married undercover cop. Is it love? Or is it a set up?

Sean Gianetti, trapped in the darkness of a family legacy, consumed by the shadows of his shattered heart lives the life of a modern day mobster. Eluding the feds with every step. Fighting with all his strength for his freedom, waging war with a rival family and yet his biggest obstacle is the war that rages in his heart. The ones he loves are always the targets. Keeping them close could end them, pushing them away would kill him.

Detective Jessie Cicconi gave up her career to marry her former partner and now she wants it back. She jumps at the chance to go undercover and bring down Sean Gianetti, the man her husband has chased endlessly. Odds seem to be in her favor except for her already rocky marriage that could potentially push her into the burning fires of hell in the form of the suspects arms.

Part love story, part action thriller. It's not your typical romance when the lies become the truth and the hearts desires refuse to be denied.


The Other Road

Jennie Lyne Hiott

A dead end. A new path. Life must go on, but no one expected so many curves along the way.

Dakota Cage loved his career, but bad choices along the way pulls it from under him. When he decides to try to turn it around and head down another road, he pulls Madeline, a woman from a different world along with him. But the sins of his past follow him and sends both their lives spiraling off course. (Very Raw and unedited manuscript, but I'm working on it LOL)


Beautiful Disaster

Jennie Lyne Hiott

Many characters, all with the same face complicate a wonderful and twisted love story. Can anyone survive such a beautiful disaster?

Randy Malone suffers from split personality disorder. Luke, his alter ego wants complete control. When he meets Linda the fight leads to mystery and secrets that no one could imagine.

A web of lies and secrets unravel the closer she becomes with this troubled man. But there is more to his story than she could have ever imagined when they learn that his mother has been brainwashing him his whole life. The origin of the drug she uses to control him leads them all on a dark and dangerous path and puts Linda in the middle of a complicated love triangle. Nothing makes sense and nothing is easy. But can she really walk away and still be happy? (Unedited MS)


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I wrote 360 days ago

You've done a very good job of showing how close these sisters are which I believe will make the reader care more about them as the story progresses. I love the mystery in your opening chapters. You've created a real page turner. Lots of Luck and High stars. Jennie Lyne Hiott view book

I wrote 360 days ago

Very likable characters. Your first chapter shows how close the members of this police department is. I didn't find any stand out mistakes so far. You have a good plot and this looks to be an interesting read that I wish I had more time to browse through. Lots of luck. Jennie Lyne Hiott view book

I wrote 365 days ago

I really like the idea and the prologue promises an interesting read. So far your book hooks your readers and I think it would do well in any setting, but the historical aspects are well written as well. You have really done your homework on the time period. Lots of luck! Jennie Lyne Hiott view book

I wrote 371 days ago

There's a little bit to love for everyone in this tale. I love the title, the plot and the fast pace. Your writing flows effortlessly and it makes me really wish I had more time to read this morning. I will come back later, but I only have time to leave a quick note before heading out the door. High... view book

I wrote 374 days ago

I like what i read of the first chapter and I hope to come back and read more later. I think its completely taken over by dialog though and could use some descriptions about the scene in between, but dialog is tight and the characters so well written that they jump off the page. High stars and good ... view book

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