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Born and raised in Philadelphia and now living in sunny California, I hold a BA in Creative Writing and a BA in Psychology and worked briefly as a social worker before becoming a full time mom 10 years ago. After years of dabbling with essays and short stories to keep the juices flowing, I have just recently completed my first novel and am currently working on a second.

It's nice to be back where I belong doing what I feel passionate about and I look forward to presenting my work to fellow connoisseurs of good reading and writing!

In my spare time, I blog about my experiences as a writer from my occasional self-doubt to my mental and emotional triumphs...visit http://www.onceuponanovelist.blogspot.com for some writerly comeraderie!

I am happy to swap reads and will add all commentors to my WL for a read - always done within a week! Just FYI, my primary interest lies in literary fiction and historical fiction but I'm game for all genres to keep it exciting!

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Hello, my name is miss Kristy i saw your profile and have interest i....

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Dear Johanna, I hope you're well. It's been a long time. Perhap....

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Hi...how are you doing?

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(rafica_4ndaye@yahoo.com) My name is rafica i saw your profile toda....

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Hello, How are you i hope all is well with you??, My name is Miss Cy....

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I wrote 1759 days ago

Dear Alan, This is in parts horrific and beautiful...your descriptions are captivating (the animals salivating and the portrayal of the burning bodies). It is interesting the way you say Ely will have difficulty seeing his son as a grown man, what a truth to reveal! This is obviously a meaty ... view book

I wrote 1763 days ago

Fun, fun, fun...you keep us guessing from the get go and lead us on this wild goose chase war with snowballs and Alex the Geist and you know what? I love it! Yeah sure there were typos and the normal things to edit which I won't go into since you are clearly in the process...but your story itself ... view book

I wrote 1763 days ago

Hi Robert, This is obviously a very polished, ready to go manuscript. Didn't find any flaws though it is hard to when you are so engrossed in the plot and mystery! I really liked the easy friendship among the investigators...and brilliant to have a sharp as a tack woman to boot! This promise... view book

I wrote 1764 days ago

Hi Mat, I want to start with your pitch. I've always been advised not to describe your own work as "inspiring" or "thought provoking" as the reader (ahem..agent?) doesn't like to be told how to feel about it. Rather your descriptions should instill these feelings. Just a thought. But from rea... view book

I wrote 1765 days ago

I LOVE historical fiction and this ranks up there right with the best of them! Your prologe is gripping - I actually felt the darkness around me and the damp dusty house he found. Can't wait to see where this takes me. I like that you weren't tempted to put a lot of dialogue and tricks into thi... view book

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