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I am a firefighter and first time author in Denver Colorado. I would love to hear your comments and learn more about what you are doing as well. Feel free to drop me a line and say hi. You can find me at my web site, my e-mail address or on Twitter at @chuck3030. Happy reading and thanks for stopping by.

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My favorite books include anything written by Ted Dekker or Terry Brooks. My most recent favorites are the Iron Druid Chronicles by Kevin Hern and The Brainrush series written by a fantastic first time author named Richard Bard. Check him out, you won’t be disappointed!

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The Revealing

C.G. Harris

Three men are unknowingly given the power to become War, Pestilence and Famine and must destroy the fourth horseman, Death in order to save mankind.

The horseman Death has been released upon the world once again, and three mortal men must resist the bite of his poison to prevent the destruction of mankind.

He will tempt Chris, Matt and Daniel with the power of Famine, Pestilence and War; testing humanity’s resolve through the chosen three. Their lives will be twisted into a whirlwind of tragedy, leaving them trapped within the prideful barbs of their own free will.

If Death succeeds in joining them as the four horsemen, he will finally be released to satisfy his hunger and bring about the apocalypse, putting an end to the race of man forever.

Mankind’s only hope lies within the hands of the three that would resist him. All three must fight, millions could die, but only one can survive to carry on the legacy of The Revealing.


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I wrote 454 days ago

This is not my usual genre, but I read through the first two chapters and loved every second. Your style is witty and charming. It is every bit as well written as anything I have seen on the shelf. I have backed the book and wish you the best of luck! 6 stars. view book

I wrote 736 days ago

I read through the first two chapters and I think it’s a fantastic beginning. You have a smooth style that makes for an easy read and your imagery is amazing. All this coupled with a strong narrative and a smooth natural dialogue. High stars on this one. Thanks for the read. view book

I wrote 739 days ago

Wow! What a horrifyingly gripping read in chapter one. I read the first two chapters and just had to stop and comment. You have a real gift for painting a vivid, albeit gruesome, picture. I found myself reading faster and faster, wanting to find out what was going to happen next. A fantastic read! I... view book

I wrote 739 days ago

Great title, great cover art, great pitch and a fantastic story. I read through the first two chapters and I love the idea. It started off action packed from the beginning and did not let up. I enjoyed every moment. My only nitpick suggestion might be to re-read your dialogue out loud to yourself. I... view book

I wrote 740 days ago

I read though the first four chapters and what a treat it was. This is not my usual genre but I found it engaging, well written and very enjoyable. You have a fantastic gift for imagery and your diologe and narratives are fantastic. I was drawn in from the start. Thanks so much for the read. High st... view book

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