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My name is R.S. Carter and I can be reached at rscarter at rscarter dot com.

What began as fan fiction with my latest novel, Line, turned into a full length novel with Daryl Dixon from The Walking Dead as my muse. I will be adding one or two new chapters a week as I edit them.

My other novel, Stolen Pawns, is available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

I am the founder and owner of the Portsmouth Book Club in Portsmouth, New Hampshire which boasts over 300 members. We are hungry readers! I also write syndicated book reviews for the NH & ME seacoast area paper conglomerate (Under my real name. R.S. Carter is my pen name).

I read all genres, but my favorites would be high fantasy and science fiction (adult and young adult). I'm also a big fan of historical fiction.

I am the mother of two amazing children and wife to the most wonderful guy in New Hampshire. I hold down a 70+ hour a week job. That combined with an infant creates a seriously confused and sleep deprived woman. Translation: Take my comments with a grain of salt.

favourite books

Ender's Game
The Mists of Avalon
The Hunger Games
The Foundation Series
The Eyre Affair
The Kite Runner
The Celestine Prophecy
Never Let Me Go
Year of Wonders
Little Bee
Harry Potter (and not just because I have kids!)
The Chronicles of Narnia
The Pillars of the Earth (before Oprah picked it)
Earthsea Series
Dandelion Wine
The Passage
Pride and Prejudice (and the one with Zombies, too)
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
The Hobbit
In Cold Blood
The Masque of the Red Death (my FAVORITE E.A. Poe short story)

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Hi Askival, You previously commented on my novel Mute. I recently ....

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I wrote 658 days ago

This is completely fascinating. I've never heard of this case. I'm hooked. I'm glad you have taken this mystery and decided to run with it. Full stars. view book

I wrote 658 days ago

Hi Donna, I'm somewhat enthralled by your presence here, both as an author and as a community member. Your writing stands alone, lifted up by your colleagues and peers. You must be so proud. I, frankly, am quite jealous! I have read several chapters and skipped around as well to later chapt... view book

I wrote 684 days ago

Your contemptuous forum posting, wild bio and synopsis dragged me over here. I had to read! I loved it. LOVED it. Jack Kerouac has been reborn in the name of R. Moore. The emotional honesty is what kills me in the piece. Not many people have that kind of courage. And your voice flowed with ... view book

I wrote 684 days ago

Hook, line and sinker. Well done. I found this one randomly looking through the sci-fi section and the blurb alone enticed me to read. The prologue was artfully done and the rest - well - what to say? 100% pure awesomeness. Backed, shelved, watch-listed and six-stars. R.S. Carter view book

I wrote 693 days ago

Dear Maria, I rarely find an exciting piece such as this clad in literary prose. It was beautifully written with such descriptive phrasing. The beauty of the writing clarified the story and made it absolutely frightening! I could see the man climbing out of the sewer perfectly in my head, and ... view book

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