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To my friends at Authonomy: I vowed I'd stay on Authonomy until it stopped being fun. I stayed a little longer than that, and am still on the site, though I may have my profile taken down. After several months playing the game, I got my novel, See You in Chicago, up into the 600s. At that point, getting any higher would have been a full-time job. So I've taken my novel down. I had the first 7000 words or so up at Youwriteon.com for a while, but that turned out to be even less fun than Authonomy. Unfortunately the first 7000 words serve as an introduction to the dystopian world I had created: one of two negative reviews mentioned the fact. Authonomy, for all its faults, at least allows more than just the opening chapters. Right now I'm going to concentrate on the kind of writing I've published in the past: railroad writing. I'll have an article in the Fall 2010 issue of Classic Trains about a trip I made back in 1966. And I'm working on an article about the honeymoon trip Kathleen and I took on the Rock Island Lines and Amtrak in 1973.

All the best for your fiction.

I haven't given up on fiction--just shelved it for the time being.

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I wrote 1449 days ago

Backed with pleasure. In spite of a few minor errors, you have a good story. It's far more bitter than Kerouac's On the Road or Steinbeck's Travels With Charley, but 2001 and 2005 were not happy years. Sadly, Americans have too quickly forgotten the madness of the George W. Bush years and have bl... view book

I wrote 1450 days ago

Ch, 14: There were other buildings spared in the Great Chicago Fire, including Old St. Patrick's Church, just a few blocks from the O'Leary barn. The land on which the Great White City stood is hardly defunct--the Museum of Science and Industry is one of the original White City buildings (though it... view book

I wrote 1450 days ago

Working through the story and ran into "picked up a few loose rusted railroad ties." (Ch. 6) I think you mean "spikes." The ties are the long wooden planks or concrete beams that keep the tracks together. They don't rust and even the wooden ones are way too heavy to pick up. Steve Wylder See... view book

I wrote 1476 days ago

A really gripping story, well paced, and hard to "put down." You've obviously done a lot of research, as others have noticed. Jason, with his Thomas Friedman-like dropping of brand names and his casual approach to killing comes off as a pompous ass of the nouveau riche with delusions of godhood. ... view book

I wrote 1477 days ago

This is a promising book based on the eight chapters I've read. You may need to make a few adjustments to make sure editors don't see it as a Harry Potter derivative. I'd drop Serena's gills and just give ther the ability to breathe underwater, without a lot of explanation. I'm curious why she sa... view book

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