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Lenny Banks wrote 535 days ago

Hi Spitfire, I'm reading through books on the site, I got to you and ....

Adam Thurstman wrote 641 days ago

Hi Spitfire 1969 I'd be very grateful if you could please take a q....

JMF wrote 649 days ago

Hi spitfire I wondered if you would be interested in taking a look a....

EllieMcG wrote 655 days ago

Thanks so much for backing Phil - it's much appreciated and I'm glad ....

Laura A. D. wrote 688 days ago

Christian/Multicultural/Young Adult/Fantasy fiction~ Is that even pos....

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I wrote 697 days ago

Hi Donna, Mum put your book on my shelf, backed and starred you highly before I can get round to reading it. I take it that it deserves it. Spitfire, son of Brigitte view book

I wrote 705 days ago

Hi Diana, I have only just discovered your manuscript. The story line is amazing and so is your style of writing, but you have been told that many times before. I have only read a few chapters and I am looking forward to reading more and to see your manuscript in print to read it at leisure wherever... view book

I wrote 757 days ago

Kirk I enjoyed reading this book. It is fun and easy to read. view book

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