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*** Hey there, if anyone has read my comments they'll notice how many people mention my typos. *cringe* The thing is I'm dyslexic and the proof reading has become more than a challenge for me! Because of this i had someone else proof read before i uploaded, but they obviously didn't do a thorough job. Anyway, if anybody out there has the time and are willing to do me the honours of proof reading my uploaded chapters, i will in return read and comment on an entire book or a similar offer. Contact me if you're interested. Cheers.


I'm a 27 year old 'aspiring author' (I hate that phrase, but how else do we describe it!?) from England. I love books(trying to branch out and read more than chick-lit/comedy) and stories and of course, writing.

I started my first attempt at a novel shortly before my 25th birthday and with the ups and downs of life and its distractions, finished it almost two years later.

I have a lot to learn about the art of crafting a great novel, and believe it'll be a life long process but I'm planning on enjoying every moment of it!

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I can't decide on my favourites so for now i'll list the authors that tend to monopolise my bookshelf.

Cecelia Ahern, Nicholas Sparks, Sophie Kinsella, Miranda Dickinson, Stephanie Meyer, Meg Cabot.

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Rachael Cox wrote 415 days ago

Hi Pandora, I am dropping you a quick message because in the past you....

AudreyB wrote 478 days ago

Hi, there—I’ve maintained a list of past and present backers (that I ....

Kate Poels wrote 535 days ago

Hi, thank you so very much for the backing. Hugely appreciated! Kate....

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First of all, I want to thank YOU very much for backing my novel to t....

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I have Solian Chronicles: Pluto Genesis on my bookshelf, so do you, I....

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I wrote 561 days ago

feathers- poetic voice. i love the plant analogy, love the last part. The introduction is well written and witty. You easily paint the picture in my mind of the surroundings and make England sound charming. The description is excellent. Comic, the perfect girly read, with the added bonus that r... view book

I wrote 563 days ago

Begins with clear, lively narrative, the voice/mc seems really well rounded. The descriptions of the children's antics were amusing and sweet. The dialogue from the kids themselves was convincing and i loved the chicken chaos. There's a little too much 'telling' though, for example, when a new para... view book

I wrote 597 days ago

I love the idea for this book. The tone is perfect from the outset, the concepts and ideas are cool, enticing and intriguing. The MC has a fitting sense of humour and a personality that really shines through, despite not knowing much about her. You feel for her, and route for her after only knowing ... view book

I wrote 609 days ago

You have an easy, laid back story telling way. Your writing is soothing and absorbing. You write extremely well for English not being your first language, i couldn't tell. The only thing that bothered me was that some of the dialogue seemed a little wooden or blunt in places. As a whole the stor... view book

I wrote 609 days ago

Hey Kat, Good luck with your book - here's my comment. From the beginning you get a sense of quirkiness and humour which i like. I think the southern accent comes across really well,but as you read more it falters, getting thicker and thicker... then not as much. I like the journal type entry st... view book

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