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I was brought up on a farm on Bodmin Moor, Cornwall, the youngest of five children.
I went to London to become a rock star and ended up working at a design and print company. After moving to Wiltshire and working in a bookshop for a year, I went back to London via Los Angeles. It was there that writing eventually took over from music, though I will probably never give up the rock star dream.

favourite books

Espedair Street, Iain Banks
Poisonwood Bible, Barbara Kingsolver
Where the Wild Things Are, Maurice Sendak

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The Balaclava Boy

Richard Parkyn

The greatest Cornish superhero story ever told!

"I can honestly say that I was so scared I thought my legs had fallen off with fear. That thing was just too big, too close and too repulsive. And the smell...

I'm Jack - a farmer's son from Cornwall. Not one of those huge rich farms, just a small one. Me, my brother and sister always had to help - mucking out the cowsheds, getting in the hay - that kind of thing.

I can be a bit of a dreamer; I'm into comic books, myths and legends, hero stuff and sci-fi. And of course Star Wars (I do a pretty good Lightsaber impression).

Anyway, like a lot of things, the reality of what's happened to me was a whole lot different to the stories. I was tricked into it and next thing I know, there's a bloody great giant standing in front of me.

That's when it all changed."

As well as frenetic action and the humour of every-day life, The Balaclava Boy tackles themes such as bullying, the ridiculousness of the tabloid media, and bad smells.

Self-published through Matador
Winner - Books for Young People, Holyer an Gof Trophy 2009


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I wrote 1710 days ago

Hi JD, Not really my kind of read if I'm honest, but brilliantly executed. The pace is spot on and the characters and dialogue believable. I'm sure this would sell millions. Shelved and best of luck. Kind regards, Richard. view book

I wrote 1710 days ago

Hi Robert, This is not my normal read, but interesting never the less. The characters are well drawn and the dialogue is great. I just had one point, Dana never tried resuscitating Scott which seemed a little odd. Anyway, it's on the shelf. Best of luck. Kind regards, RIchard. view book

I wrote 1717 days ago

Hi Robert, This is great, really enjoyable. Gave me a sense of the place straight away and I like your punchy style. The dialogue is believable and the characters well described. My only concern would be that without reading the synopsis I would be starting to wonder what it was all about by chap... view book

I wrote 1724 days ago

A very classy tale, well told. Draws you in and keeps you interested. Best of luck. view book

I wrote 1731 days ago

Hi Janvier, Really enjoyable couple of chapters I've just read. Interesting story, rich and detailed and the dialogue is great. Don't have any constructive comments to add I'm afraid, I think it's great. All the best, Richard. view book

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