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Lemuel Dennis was born and raised in Gary, Indiana. He is a graduate of Vincennes University, Ivy Tech State College and Indiana State University, earning degrees in Theatrical Productions, Photography and Art/Studio Photography. In addition to his work as a writer, he also works as a freelance photographer and actor. He resides in southern Indiana with his wife and daughter and is currently a member of the Indiana Air National Guard.

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Temptations of Crime
A Perfect Evil
Split Second
The Soul Catcher
At the Stroke of Madness
One False Move
A Necessary Evil
Black Friday
I Am Legend
Maximum Ride series

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Temptations of Crime

Lemuel Dennis

Deception. Love. Betrayal. Temptation. Passion. The only way to survive, is to give in to them.

Chris Howard walked away from a life of crime he never wanted to return to, turning his back on a dangerous lifestyle that would've put him behind bars or six feet deep. He left behind his family and the woman he loved in order to escape the clutches of the violent city streets. Years later, his worse fear brings him back home to the very place that nearly consumed him. Shawn, his younger brother, has been sucked into the criminal underworld only to find himself on the hit list of one of the city's most ruthless criminals.

After an illegal weapons deal goes bad, Shawn's boss Dante Franklin-aka D-Frank, seeks retribution. With a crime boss of his own to answer to and his life on the line as well, D-Frank sends an assassin to collect the debt in full. The contract on his head sends Shawn running for his life and Chris racing against time to save him. Now, with the city's most highly decorated cop pursuing him and a criminal that will stop at nothing to gain control of the streets, Chris struggles with resurrecting the person he used to be and fighting Temptations of Crime.


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