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Following the success of my first novel Beyond Belief - a crime thriller set in the ICU of a busy hospital - I am now working on a set of children's books mapping the adventures of Biddy Perkins - Lunardium being the first

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Kath Radford

Can the Archivist and Biddy repair the force field, protecting Lunardium, before the Astronomus’s henchmen launch their attack on earth and the moon?

Biddy Perkins, lived with her mum in the seaside town of Coatham Sands. She'd dream of how different her life might have been had her dad not disappeared thirteen years earlier - the day before she'd been born.

She discovers an unusual, if not decidedly odd, amusement arcade where she is sucked into a vortex and transported to the dark side of the moon.

The forebears created a force-field to hide Lunardium, but the Emperor Astronomus has sent his spies to prepare for invasion.

Biddy meets a boy called Nunkie, and his agogwe friend, Pendek. They join forces with the Archivist in a quest to find a molecule inverter to repair the force field, which was damaged but Astronomus's men. Biddy and her friends are chased through the Netherzone, crossing crumbling walkways, broken down monorail systems, and have to cross the sea of tranquillity to find the inverter and reach the force field’s control room. Biddy eventually discovers that the Archivist is her dad.


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