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If I owe you a review, please remind me!!!

Edit - 5/07/12
After a similar suggestion from quite a few people, I have removed the first chapter from my first book. At some point in the future, I will blend this first chapter into the other chapters, hopefully that will be better. i'll also try and incorporate other peoples suggestion!
If anyone does want chapter 1 (which is just basically a prologue/description of the land in which my story is set and all the races and how it came into being) just ask and I'll send you a copy!

favourite books

The Hobbit
Lord of The RIngs - Tolkein
The Art of War - Sun Tzu
The Hunger Games Series - Hunger Games, Catching Fire, Mockingjay - Suzanne Collins
Song Of Ice and Fire Series - Game of Thrones etc... - George R.R Martin
Harry Potter - JK Rowling

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The Legend of Xerio: Book One

J Hodge

It started simply, then it became irritating and then it simply became difficult. Who ever said it would be easy?

Xerio's a loyal elf. He's done everything he can for his Kingdom, even though he doesn't remember anything about his past. When his king sends him on a quest to gain the allegiance of another kingdom, he is suddenly sent on a quest to gain the trust of the prospectful ally. It was meant to be a simple journey with the King's daughter to a faraway city. Unfortunately, Nothing's Ever Easy and everywhere they go, they seem to be attacked by something. Being chased by Bandits, Hydras, Mythical Creatures and Tiny people are only the beginning of their problems. Everyone around Xerio seems to know about his past, except himself, and the rumours aren't good. Xerio needs to discover his past, complete his quest and save the girl. He's no hero. He's the unluckiest person around


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I wrote 591 days ago

YAL Review: This book is a definite read! I've only gotten through the first 3 chapters, but I'll be back to read some more! I love how you've not given us the truth about Edward University yet, or how we don't know why his parents were acting so strange. Looking at other comments, I have to agree ... view book

I wrote 652 days ago

YARG REVIEW Benedict, I'm really glad I started to read this story. I've read the first four chapters so far, and I like how we get the different perspectives. Admittedly, if Christopher and Paul get together, well, it was predictable, but I also do believe there are going to be problems in betwe... view book

I wrote 658 days ago

Your pitch is brilliant! I was enticed already, and I've never seen anything like your idea before. A business in the Heavens? What an awesome idea! It's really late here for me (1 am), so I'm going to go to bed, but before I do, I'm going to back your book and then keep on reading it tomorrow. Ju... view book

I wrote 658 days ago

I did leave you a message asking for some advice on my work, but then I realised it would not be fair of me to not read your work as well. I've only just started reading it, and I'm really not very far in, but so far, it is amazing! Your writing style is so fresh, and poetic. I really like how you'v... view book

I wrote 664 days ago

Hi Jamie, I thought seen as how you were on my friends, I'd try your book. It's a great book! The idea involving nazis is an excellent one. It can be quite hard to work with, in my opinion, making sure you have the correct details and so on, and then to move them forward through time makes it an e... view book

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