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I was born in Yorkshire and grew up in Lancashire. I write because I love it. I write in many different genres because I seem to have no control over what comes out of the ends of my fingers on the keyboard.

Reading is of course another passion, how could it not be. I am a wife, a mother and a granny. That's about it.

Oh yes, my books can be found on Amazon


Who Follows
Making Angels
Rags Riches
The Egret
Home Sweet Home
and a couple of children's ones
3 Things that Might have Happened
and Stephen

favourite books

A constantly changing parade.

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http://dianemdickson.wordpress.com     http://www.shortbreadstories.co.uk

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my books

Considering Jacob

Diane M Dickson

For Mary, a woman of a certain age, meeting Jacob seems like a dream come true, until it becomes a nightmare.

Mary has accepted her life as a widow, she believes herself to be content until Jacob, a young stranger enters her life.

She is overwhelmed by her emotions and is devastated when her new love threatens an old friendship. Jacob though has a dark side and when violence enters her life Mary must fight to regain her peace. Mary and a sympathetic young student, who knows Jacob of old, hatch a plan to exact justice and yes, a degree of revenge. As they put the plan into action things go from bad to worse.

Mary wants her life back.


Whatever Happened to Mrs Boult....

Diane M Dickson

This has been hiding in the computer is it worth pursuing - be honest

An ordinary morning in an ordinary English village, but where is the toast, come to that where is the cook? When Mildred makes her tentative way to the kitchen she can't know that a mystery has begun which will take decades to unravel. The question is simple, what has happened to Mrs Boulton the answer is far more intriguing and shocking.


The Flat Share

Diane M Dickson

Okay - I am re-posting this daft piece of fiction simply because I thought it might give some people a laugh.

Please don't ask me to swap read with this or back it - I am simply giving it an airing.

Shortage of money is a real problem and so scatterbrain Charlotte decides to advertise for a flat mate. The word “decides” would indicate some degree of consideration but consideration isn’t one of Charlotte’s strong points. As she is drawn deeper and deeper into chaos and confusion she thanks heavens for Joanie, her best friend, or should that be “partner in crime”. This is a silly, madcap jaunt examining just what can happen when you don’t look before you leap.


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AliyaM.books wrote 1 day ago

Hi! Would you be interested in checking out my new novel, Wolf Heart?....

Ian Ellis wrote 3 days ago

Thank you. I'm happy with it

Ian Ellis wrote 4 days ago

Is that any better???

Ellie S Lee wrote 4 days ago

Well done you for speaking up last night. I couldn't believe what I ....

Tonia Marlowe wrote 16 days ago

Yet another reason to love you! Not that I need any more reasons of c....

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I wrote 16 hours ago

i'm not going to really review this because you have a zillion reviews and you are high in the charts and so there is not much more that I can say. I don't read YA but I have recently read The Shock of The Fall and there are aspects of your writing in here that took me back to the style of that boo... view book

I wrote 38 days ago

I think that you have a witty way of writing and the flow is pretty good. The dialogue didn't seem too convincing or natural - this could be an American/British thing or possibly the fact that these were talking pigs - difficult to say. I found a few things jarring, your use of the hash tag to repre... view book

I wrote 98 days ago

This is a heartbreaking story, I don't know very much about children with autism but no matter, any child suffering as poor little Eve does would tear at your heartstrings. The comment that she would promise not to go to the party if only she could have an invitation was so very very sad. Children... view book

I wrote 136 days ago

Shades of Pratchett I thought, This was fun. You have a fair bit of repetition that could be pruned but all in all I thought the writing was of a very high standard and the characters highly amusing and actually well thought out. The pace is good. You write the action sequences well and they were... view book

I wrote 222 days ago

Hi there - It's nice to meet these people again. As before I think that your writing is smooth and fluid. The humour is good mainly because it is subtle and understated. The dialogue is very natural and believable and even though up to now I have only read four chapters I am emotionally involved ... view book

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