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My name is Sue - I live in Jersey in the Channel Islands with my husband of 40 years so far and two sons, both grown up of course. I have been writing for years and have finished a fantasy for older children, along with two humorous books and many short stories.
I've self-published 'The Pharaoh Letters' book with Matador. I started it when I was 17 and recently completed it with co-author Terri Gillett, who joined me in the writing about four years ago and who also did the illustrations.

Update - I just added my new website, so my other works, including the first part of the Pharaoh Letters and the Neanderthal Diaries, can be viewed there.

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Everything by Pauline Gedge; 'By the Gods Beloved' by Baroness Orczy; everything by ...

Pearl S Buck
Robert Goddard
Jo Nesbo
Joseph Finder
Jonathan Kellerman
Harlan Coben
Tana French
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Abbie's Quest - The Legend of ....

Susan Booth

A traditionally told story of fantasy and magic in which a young girl has the adventure of her life.

Generations ago due to different needs, the people of Eaglesdorn found they could no longer live together, and many travelled far away to start a new life. Because of this, the sun never again set on the one land and the moon did not rise on the other.

The hardships were great but the pride that had caused the separation in the first place, now stopped any meeting of the two peoples.

Abbie is fated to go on a quest to bring the two ancient lands back together. She faces many challenges, solves many riddles and overcomes danger, to fulfil a prophecy and to find her destiny.


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This is my first book, the death of my son gave me the strength to st....

c1030 wrote 646 days ago

i invite you to have a look at my book which is my first one actually....

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Since you have at least one gold-star book on your shelf, this doesn'....

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Hi Sue, can i temp you to read a chapter of my book Faking it in Fran....

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I wrote 703 days ago

I love your work and will put this book onto my bookshelf with pleasure! The humour is a subtle thread throughout the story and I can't fault anything. Writing in this tense is harder I think and you handle it well :) view book

I wrote 705 days ago

Completely atmospheric and captures the reader right away! I am happy to back this book and I think that says it all :) view book

I wrote 705 days ago

I found your book powerful and disturbing. What a terrible way to start life, and to be subjected to the same vile treatments from almost everyone you had to deal with, is unspeakable. Your inate belief in yourself remains and I respect that so much. I did find it difficult to understand some par... view book

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