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Thank you for all the support you have given me on this site. My book is in the hands of my agent, and I am trusting the process.

I have made some amazing friends as a result of being on Autonomy, who have given me encouragement, good pointers, and a couple of strong critiques.

I have already finished a second book and now giving birth to a third. Exciting times!

If anyone wishes to contact me please feel free to do so at gangamonk@hotmail.com

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vanderlove wrote 15 days ago

Dear Winner This is to inform you that you have won prize money o....

Ngone111 wrote 36 days ago

Hello, I like your profile in this community network and I think you....

lauran999 wrote 45 days ago

Pls, My sincere apology if this correspondence don't meet your person....

Zenra wrote 62 days ago

Hi name falied moderation, I've uploaded the first 6 chapters of m....

marylove77 wrote 70 days ago

Hello My Dear How is your life over there? I hope all is well with y....

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I wrote 893 days ago

Wow, I see already you are moving in the right direction. Good luck view book

I wrote 893 days ago

Hello and welcome Linda, Well, this is a different view on a subject that many really dont wish to face. I have not read it all as I just had to get to bed, ( compelling )but be assured I will continue for you have grabbed me. I see your book is incomplete, PLEASE put more up and give us the oppo... view book

I wrote 1210 days ago

congrats Andrew on #1 you are the only one on my shelf still....glad to see you soing so well, deserved Denise The Letter view book

I wrote 1212 days ago

Six stars and on my shelf , congrats.... Denise The Letter view book

I wrote 1215 days ago

Oh and five stars view book

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