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THANK YOU to everyone who ever read, commented on and/or backed my book to the Editors' Desk (Feb. 2014)! The help is appreciated more than I can say, as is the friendship from comrades in arms. It's been a long ride here, through many ups and downs in my life, but that ride's given me the will to carry on, whatever happens with HC! Heck, I might even upload part of the 2nd book... when I've recovered enough to get on with the rewrites - changing it from modern-day to the 1930s... That should keep me quiet while I wait to see if this one's review tells me if I have any worth as a writer...

In the meantime, I'm trying to return reads - and I apologise if I'm being a bit slow... I shan't forget, just as I shan't forget what so many of you have done for me. xx to each and every one of you.

A little *about me*... daughter of a Marine Commando, and my ancestry is stellar... I just wish I could live up to it. As it is, I have worked many years as a film script supervisor and re-write hack... in London where I live, and the U.S., as well as locations in far-flung jungles with some of the finest Directors and greatest actors ever to grace the screen.

Now, returning to my first love of books, I have completed two -

*The Fortune of Annacara* - (Recently re-titled after trying out *Acres of Diamonds*!) - Complete at c.125,000 words. An excerpt of 22 chapters is showcased here.

It's a story about my ancestors, as I imagined their lives. They did go on the Klondike Gold Rush, struck it big and lived through it, though the gold, sadly, is gone..The answer as to who stole it, lies here........

"RANCHO HOLLYWOODLAND" - (working title - it might change to *The Legacy of Alice Moonstone*) - complete at c.120,000 words, but I'm thinking of reworking it from modern-day to the 30s. It follows the descendants of 'The Fortune of Annacara*' characters, and the gold... It is a tale of Hollywood chicanery versus Washington racketeering, both brought to their knees by the power of the Press.

A short story - A NUGGET OF GOLD - is published in a U.S. Anthology titled *WORDS TO MUSIC* - with Mayor Biggie and a host of Authonomites. All proceeds are going to U.S. Charities inc Paul Newman's Hole in the Wall Gang Camp.


Also now available on Kindle.

I have also researched, drafted and begun a thriller - "The Sleeping Indian" - a conspiracy theory brought frighteningly to life. There are, too,.outlines of quite a few other novels and screenplays, including two more thrillers, tales of my American pioneering ancestors of 1630-1800s, and more stories from the Klondike and Hollywood. Ah, and some animal tales, furred, finned, and feathered.

Contact via HarperCollins only - or email Authonomy AT HarperCollins DOT co DOT uk for vetted referral. Thanks.

favourite books

So many, but I'll include:- Nostromo (after the first 15 pages or so...); American classics, inc.The Great Gatsby, To Kill a Mocking Bird, Gone With the Wind, the works of Louis L'Amour and Larry McMurtry, Dominick Dunne, Herman Wouk, Armistead Maupin, Jack London and some Kerouac - his *first thought is the best thought* always on my mind... Ramona - and my heroine carries this book as her one friend in the world...
Works set in exotic places, preferably, or with exotic, colorful characters who make me give a damn about the plot.

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my books

The Fortune of Annacara

Kay Christine Fenton

A remarkable woman, the American Indian granddaughter of a mighty warrior, flees 1890s reservation life to find a fortune for freedom's sake.

Annacara is an Apache servant, given fanciful dreams through piano lessons by an officer’s lady at a fort in 1896. Her obsessive love for Cavalryman Larne sees her following him, through Los Angeles where she longs to stay, to San Francisco’s Chinatown.

A steamboat full of men caked in gold arrives from the mighty Yukon's Klondike, and Larne seizes the chance. That rip-roaring hell of a stampede, and a goldmine, test their courage and love when faced by those whose sole aim in life is to dance on the grave of anyone more blessed.

Annacara's warrior instincts are inflamed to devastating effect. A man lies dead, a child kidnapped, the gold gone, and Larne lost.

Searching for answers back in Chinatown, the 1906 earthquake forces Annacara and a troupe of showgirls to trek down the Camino Real mission trail to Los Angeles.

The keys to the child and to Larne are found there, as Hollywood’s notoriety grows.

And the gold? When Annacara performs with the famed Chautauqua-circuit players for a star-studded convention in 1920, Franklin Delano Roosevelt asks what happened to all that gold. Annacara's answer is simple.

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I wrote 28 days ago

Mary, I am entranced by your story. I started reading it when it was chosen as *One to Watch* by the Authonomy team, and hope you saw my note on that blog. I still do hope all is well with you, and this beguiling story of yours finds its way to publication. You draw us into Christina's world stra... view book

I wrote 46 days ago

Here's a RE-backing for an epic, unique story from America's civil war - a true part of that war, of women who joined the fight disguised as men. And this one girl, Lucy, who has a reason like no other to do so, and does it with such bravery, yet she's a woman through and through. Lucy is one in... view book

I wrote 50 days ago

For mi amiga, Elina, a re-backing of this incredible story - so well-written it hurts. And the latest edits hurt even more! Salut!! xx from Kay (The Fortune of Annacara) view book

I wrote 90 days ago

Jemahl, returning the read - and saving some to read later! Excellent. You have given us most of the seven deadly sins in the first few chapters, without turning a literary hair. Beheading daffodils and fighting foxgloves and getting away with it, a sin worse than lechery, debauchery, cuckoldry, tak... view book

I wrote 117 days ago

Rachel, I am almost at a loss what to say about your story. You've drawn me in just as the sea draws Joe down and holds him in salty embrace, and like Joe, regretfully, I have to strike out for the shore - knowing there is more to come and I haven't finished yet. I think you might have that holy gra... view book

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