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I've Already Met the Devil A....

R.K. Price

An epic tale based on fact of the lives, loves, triumphs and tragedies of a first generation Sicilian immigrant family settling in Southern Colorado.

R. K. Price’s debut novel weaves an intricate, sophisticated story, based on fact, about an immigrant Sicilian family escaping the poverty and strife of their Mediterranean homeland for a better life in America. Price explores the lives and experiences of two brothers delving deeply into them and early to mid 20th century Colorado history revealing how the region fell under the control of America’s major crime figures of their day. Through the brother's eyes Price examines the rise and fall of mob influence in the West and how the former steel city of Pueblo became the mafia’s epicenter of corruption and power. His work follows the exploits of Johnny, who at 17 years, volunteers for duty after Pearl Harbor and becomes a paratrooper with the US Army’s famed 101st Airborne Division. At war Johnny confronts the devil many times but is destined to survive and return home seeking peace and tranquility with his beloved family. But other devils as evil and deadly as those he defeated on the battlefield await his return. Johnny and his brother won't fight their wars alone. At every turn their women stand and fortify them to give Price's work its grand style and depth.


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