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Raised in a household where TV was rationed and reading was encouraged instead, i grew up on a diet of Eddings, Gemmell, Pratchett, Feist, Goodkind, Jordan and Brooks.

These creators of legends not only coloured my view of the world and taught me about things like honour and chivalry but allowed me to lose myself in worlds that were both fantastic and endearing.

Today I find myself in a position to create a world and legends that I hope someone else will find equally as fantastic and hopefully, maybe, colour their thinking in a positive way.

I hope you enjoy the book, and that it offers you the opportunity to lose yourself within it. Leaving you with memories of time well spent and the lasting desire to revisit.

The Swords Of Ankar is the first in a trilogy and is complete as a first draft. Awaiting edit should it make it to the hallowed ED.

NB: as some of you may have noticed, editing is not my strong point but I will endeavour to make sure the chapters on here are in as reader friendly an edit as possible :-)

favourite books

The Belgariad
Early Raymond E Feist books
Most things by David Gemmell but definitely all the Drenai books
Wheel of Time series upto where it seems to lose the plot in book five/six.
The Picture of Dorian Gray.
The Art of War
The Book of Five Rings
The Grapes of Wrath
and hundreds more but this should do for now.

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my books

The Swords Of Ankar

Daniel Antonello

All great Fantasy starts with a journey: Prophecies, Mages, Magick, Elves and in their midst a young man who is the key to everyones survival

Long before the world was split asunder, a time when man still held the Elves close to his heart. A time when the Tridents were still Gods of Earth, Fire and Sky and a time when the Mages had not walked the land. The Ankari were one people. They were revered among all folk and even the Elves looked upon them with awe.

But as the world came into its maturity and the people of the world grew tired of love and harmony, some among the Ankari began to feel that they were entitled to more than their fellow man, after all they were the Ankari, kings among men and kings… well kings do not live in unison with serfs. The wars to follow were terrible to behold, no other race of man stood a chance. The Elves had no wish to meddle in the affairs of men and withdrew themselves into a cloak of myth and legend. It seemed that the world was destined to live forever under the iron fist of tyranny. That is until the return of the Elves...

But what was to come would be worse then anything the world could have imagined...


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Lenny Banks wrote 605 days ago

Hi Daniel, some time ago, I commented and rated your work, I wondered....

baby400 wrote 612 days ago

Interesting, How is everything with you, My name is victoria fema....

WiSpY wrote 622 days ago

Oh good, I wondered :)

Dr. J wrote 637 days ago

Dear Daniel: I‘m sitting here stunned and in tears. I lost my book, a....

D.J.Milne wrote 637 days ago

Hi Daniel I would like to invite you to become a Ghost Shirt Warrior....

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I wrote 638 days ago

Hi, firstly thanks for the critque, i will take it where i can get it :-) Secondly, i have made no qualms about this being in need of an edit, and I am also thankful for any errors that readers point out. I am currently in the porcess of editing this and will put up once it is closer to the ED... view book

I wrote 645 days ago

Hi Lindsay, thank you so much for your comments. This is the very reason i came to authonomy, I wrote this back in 2006 and only recently came back to it but I have now seen the story infront of me so many times trying to make it a bit more robust that I'm afraid i might have become a bit blind t... view book

I wrote 648 days ago

Hi Lindsay, as per your message to swap reads, i have starting reading a priests tale and i am gklad i did, it is exactly the kind of stuff i like, very similar to my own style of writing, namely easy reading with good dialogue and imagination. the way all the classic fantasy books of my youth were ... view book

I wrote 652 days ago

Hi, i would agree with the guys below, its difficult to get into the book as the barriers created by either the overuse of words (when describing) or under use (the lack of definite articles) or indeed slight misuse of words.. you don't bath, you bathe. It seems that you have the making of a... view book

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