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I endeavour to write crime/thriller fiction. Have completed three complete novels, all around 70-73,000 words. Was one of three finalists in the Alibi T.V./Harper Collins Short Stroy Competion in 2010. An agent did approach me afterwards, but as of yet, no offers to take up my work.

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The Thirty-Nine Steps, Of Mice and Men, Cannery Row, The Godfather, Bridges of Madison County, Stingray Shuffle, Stingray Shuffle, Stingray Shuffle (Get the picture? Brilliant!) The Girl With Pearl Ear Rings, Hard Times. First Blood. Chocolate. Picture Perfect, The Queen and I, Any Lee Child, or Mark Gimenez. King Lear, The Tempest

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Counting the Bodies

Revell Cornell

A tale of good and bad guys, robbery, murder, an angry young men fighting back at corruption, with the help of a guy with problems.

Bridge Engineer, Joe Washington, is broke. His take home pay is barely keeping him and his young family above the bread line. He commits an ingenious burglary of an insurance office - but why isn't the burglary reported to the police? Could it have something to do with the ledger Joe took from the safe, along with the eighty thousand dollars? Joe then discovers the initials refer to crooked politicians who are trying to push another 'must have' insurance scheme through Congress. They are taking kick-backs. It is after people connected to the insurance company are murdered, and his friends inform him that a mean character is looking for him, that Joe goes on the run. To compound matters, Joe discovers that the insurance company is partly funded by the Mob. His nervousness turns to fear, and he seeks the help of a mysterious stranger from his past. But first he has to find the kindly stranger, and Texas is a big state, and time is running out, and... and.... Joe would willingly hand back every cent to get his life back - if only he could.


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ndaye wrote 921 days ago

(rafica_4ndaye@yahoo.com) My name is rafica i saw your profile toda....

Jack Cerro wrote 987 days ago

Hi This is an invitation for you to post a least one paragraph of....

DThomas wrote 1150 days ago

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Stuart & Victor wrote 1157 days ago

Hi Revell, we're a couple of charismatic souls with a fresh new story....

mvw888 wrote 1175 days ago

Hello Revell, With just a couple of days in the months, I’m making....

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I wrote 1189 days ago

Brilliant! Love it! Right up my street. Straight onto my bookshelf. Hope you can keep up the standard. I had intended downloading something onto my Sony Reader later on tonight, but, no thank you, this'll do fine. Really trying hard to find a fault, but... view book

I wrote 1192 days ago

Hello Su dan. Are you from the Sudan? Anyway, really really enjoyed chapter one. Well written. However, with the greatest respect, I feel you lost your 'tightness', and attention to detail in chapter two. The basics of writing seem to have been forgotten. I.E. short sharp sentences to create tension... view book

I wrote 1194 days ago

Savannah Fire. Sorry, Al, maybe you've asked the wrong person to comment on your work. With respect, it has not hooked me after three chapters. Please bear in mind that I love the deep south of the U.S.A and any story remotely related to the area has a ten point start before I open the cover. Howe... view book

I wrote 1195 days ago

Hiya Babs, Apologies if I'm getting the horse before the cart with regard to my replying; that is, I'm not sure if I reply by another method, or just type ahead/above your comments. Anyway, thank you for you kind observations, I wonder if you can help me. Which tab would be the best to study to ... view book

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