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Jack Cerro wrote 841 days ago

I am Jack's failure to follow his own 6th and 8th commandment. 1: ....

Paul Beattie wrote 875 days ago

My new novel, Filthy Luca, has risen over 5000 places in under two we....

Davidmauriceware wrote 876 days ago

Hello fellow Authors and readers. I was sitting here trying to think ....

sensual elle wrote 881 days ago

trouble, thank you for being so generous and kind in backing Diary of....

DerekTobin wrote 886 days ago

Hi trouble some and welcome to the site. If you have any questions re....

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I wrote 882 days ago

I wondered what all the fuss was all about and I have to say I'm now a fan. This is super high class porn. And it's a major turn-on. Very exciting, I love it. view book

I wrote 887 days ago

It's definitely chicklit, but not so erotic, at least not in the first few chapters. Still, worth backing. view book

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