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I grew up reading Diana Wynne Jones, and it shows.

After The Cabinet of Curiosities I am planning four more books following Pelly and Forester (currently on book two), followed by a prequel about Morgan, Madeleine, Gwydion and their peers.

***May 2013*** My Authonomy attendance is a very patchy at the moment thanks to a new baby but I hope to be back to proper participation soon - bear with me!

favourite books

My favourite authors include Diana Wynne Jones, Jasper Fforde, Nancy Mitford, Evelyn Waugh, E. M. Delafield and P. G. Wodehouse. I read fairly widely but I have read their books to shreds.

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The Cabinet of Curiosities (Ha....

Adele Barnett-Ward

Exiled for being a witch but unable to perform witchcraft; will her mother's grimoire and her cousin Forester be enough to protect Pelly?

It is tough being a second son when your mother is the Mother of a Coven and needs a Daughter to succeed her. As Forester Hardwicke turns fourteen and begins his training in witchcraft he hopes his life will become easier. He will no longer be at the mercy of his older brother Magnus' spells and once he is qualified he plans to escape the Coven and track down his father, the Magician-Explorer Gwydion Hardwicke.

Instead, Forester's life becomes more difficult and much more dangerous when a mysterious foreign girl arrives, claiming to be his cousin. Greeted with delight by his mother, hostility by his brother and Grandmother; it soon becomes clear that looking after Pelly will be added to Forester's responsibilities.

But who is Pelly Hardwicke? Why is she unable to cast the simplest spell? Can Magnus really be trying to harm her? What is he plotting with the Housekeeper's daughter? Can Forester's Grandmother really be practising the Dark Craft? Why is his mother suddenly so ill? With threats on all sides Forester and Pelly must depend on themselves, their craft, their friends and the mysterious cabinet of curiosities to avert disaster.


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My name is Peter Reich, special investigator to the Pope and former c....

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Message to all YALFers, Just a reminder that there are only three ....

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I wrote 338 days ago

This is a long-overdue returned read. I don't have time to give proper feedback at the moment but I enjoyed the mad energy of this and I'm surprised that it isn't on more bookshelves so I'll be backing it for a bit. Good stuff! view book

I wrote 524 days ago

The Ghost Shirt – YALF I’m afraid I don’t have a great deal to say about this book. As one would expect from something at #4 on the ED chart, it is very polished. The 10,000 words I read were well-written, and the concept and story is fresh and engaging; all of which is great... but doesn’t leave... view book

I wrote 586 days ago

YALF – Forgiveness Fits. I know you were hoping some people would start reading from Ch 5 onwards but I crit as a reader rather than a copy editor so I’m afraid I have to start from the beginning. I read up to the end of Chapter Eight. Full disclosure: by the end of Ch 2 I actively disliked yo... view book

I wrote 605 days ago

YALF on the ending of The Princess and the Peach ***SPOILER ALERT*** As I critiqued the Authonomy chapters some time ago this crit is on the emailed section. I am going to try not to give away any surprises but if you plan to request the end of the book then it’s probably best to skip over this r... view book

I wrote 605 days ago

Hi Daniel, Your book has been on my WL for a while. I assumed that this was because you had proposed a read swap but I can’t seem to find your review so maybe I’m wrong. Here’s my Crit on yours anyway! Your chapters are long so I hope you’ll forgive me for only reviewing Ch 1. There’s a lot going o... view book

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