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I am a genius.


Praise for Rude Awakening:
“Definitely not for the faint hearted!!……Hunter S. Thompson channels Ron Jeremy in this pornographic Odyssey of ballistic prose, assaulting the norms of fiction and blending amazing story telling with hilarious hard hitting ejaculations of literary originality! Mr Dale refreshes with an unapologetic tale of modern hedonistic/masochistic corporate cubicle love/hate reverse fairy tale adventure interspersed with astute psychological observation….my read of the year!”

Anthony Chemaly, Amazon: www.amazon.com/dp/B0072WD4LG

Twitter: @michaeldale9

favourite books

Trainspotting By Irvine Welsh
The Prophet By Kahlil Gibran
The Playground Of Life By Kahlil Gibran

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http://www.enterignite.com     http://www.mrmichaeldale.wordpress.com

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my books

Rude Awakening

By Michael Dale. Edited by Cla....

Warning: this book is pure poison. Laugh yourself sick! www.bookblurb.co.za

TODAY, is like any other mind-numbingly boring, soul-destroying day at the office. That is except for Pamela Hoare, Charlie Cockburn and that weird junior accountant no-one has noticed before.
TODAY, slutty secretary, Pamela Hoare, is about to put the finishing touches to her plan to blackmail her sexually repressed boss, Mr Patel, and make him her bitch.
TODAY, Charlie Cockburn, coked-up, hung-over and horny as hell realizes just how close he is to losing his job and decides to tell Mr Patel to stick it up his arse.
AND THEN there is that junior accountant - just so you know, his name is Lucas Swink - today, he will blow up a window and leap out the office block in attempt to awaken the masses.
Hoare, Cockburn and Swink are just some of the fucked-up, desperate souls you'll follow in this breakthrough novel that takes an unflinching look at London's cubicle driven society. Let Rude Awakening scratch away the shit-stained window of your perceptions and show you that everyone, from high-rolling businessmen to desperate barmaids, wants something more but doesn't know how to get it.


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I wrote 40 days ago

Rock on!!! Thanks for reading Rude Awakening it was a wild ego driven assault on the status-quo. I have matured somewhat since publishing it nearly two years ago! Please visit my site for further information about my forthcoming work Escape To The Homelands Of The Heart; a guide to awakening the inn... view book

I wrote 394 days ago

Bless you for words brother I am grateful. I have been in a bit of a dark space around this beast, thx for shedding some light. view book

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Honorable sentiments that's awesome view book

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NICE! view book

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Love the blurb! Looking forward to this! view book

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