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Agented with three completed novels.

If you fancy a read, please go for SHALIMAR , which is due for submission in January after a final edit., or WATCHING OVER YOU.

I've had something of an eclectic career, stand up comedian, television producer, lead singer of a staggeringly mediocre rock band and... corporate lawyer. I once tried to set up my own religious cult, for the power mostly. It didn't take off.

In willing prostitution to the gods of marketing, I should mention that I have celebrity connections (father, brother-in-law). Sadly, I've also had my life story splashed across the tabloids.

favourite books

Fournier's Le Grand Meaulnes, Rushdie's Midnight's Children, Cormac Macarthy's The Road, Amis's Money, The Magus, The God of Small Things, The Life of Pi, Rivals by Jilly Cooper, most of Vonnegut.

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my books



Shalimar, a paradise resort with a dark secret.

A luxury spa on the Indian coast, a resort of wind ruffled palms and indolent leisure, paradise...

So why the cameras? The funerals? Why is everyone so exhausted? What's with the destroyed village beyond its boundaries?

Max Goode, ex- foreign correspondent and now a dissolute travel journalist, is a man who has wasted his life. When he is invited by an estranged friend to write a brochure on Shalimar, he discovers a world as grotesque as it is cynical. He rediscovers his old idealism, and with terrible consequences.

Shalimar is not a dystopia. It is a microcosm of our times.

How would labels this? Literary? Suspense? Thriller? Where would it fit on a shelf?



Watching Over You


The stalker's story.

Complete (64,000 words)

What does it really mean to 'love thy neighbour as thyself'? And where can it lead?

Gideon Day, an eccentric security guard who finds solace in feeding pigeons, and church, and needlepoint is trying to understand his conviction for murder....

"Spying, the newspapers called it, the priest's son who kept himself to himself. Nonsense of course, I've never kept myself to myself.... Besides, watching isn't spying.'

Back on the streets after 10 years in prison, this is Gideon's love letter to the woman he 'lost', and to all those he will now 'help'.

Dark, morally ambiguous, and tragic.


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I wrote 1416 days ago

Hi, I just read your long first chapter (a gap in the day job) and will get back for more when the work eases off. I have a couple of major comments: 1. Your narrator has a tendency to comment on every piece of dialogue. Now, to some extent it works - we are in her head, the overly analytical hea... view book

I wrote 1430 days ago

I'm 40, and yes, where did that come from, how come I never met Colin before? Ok, I'd heard about him, much like I'd heard of Minneapolis. But I wasn't ever going to go there.... I completely relate to what you say in chapter 1. The trouble is, whilst it is a perfectly nice letter and very well... view book

I wrote 1437 days ago

WIthout being harsh, never assume anyone "will get past the opening chapters" They won't. The first chapters have to draw you in. It is the emotion of your story which will drive it. Hence, skip the house maintenance go straight to the 'turning point'. It's the turning point from which the story sta... view book

I wrote 1437 days ago

Hi, your synopsis is a story that will sell - place in the country, meets the good life, meets emotional survival. I have read chapter 1, however, and whilst you can write, I don't think you are doing the story justice. For me there is a lot on property development and not nearly enough on the emoti... view book

I wrote 1443 days ago

I am writing this as a “fair critter”. Hope it helps. Chapter 1 Your first sentence doesn’t work. It is just a man turning off a car engine. In fact, for me, the opening needs work. You give us a fairly bland scene where someone is declaring his love, but there is no sense of a story being about... view book

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