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Hi there, Everyone! I've not been very busy on authonomy for various reasons - one being that we immigrated to the UK during November 2013. I've also been busy trying to write down more of Flame and his friends' adventures, before I forget most of them. But the most important reason for me is probably that I'm still waiting for a review from the Editor's desk. There were some hitches to do with some of my chapters, but hopefully these are all sorted out by now. So, don't think that I didn't post the review. I'll have to put it on authonomy, no matter what (she's says bravely).
Just to put all my old stuff back on track: I'm still married to the same guy for more than three decades, have two married daughters and two grandchildren. A "retired" Librarian/Teacher who loves to read a good story. This pleasant activity has now become a passion, because lately I seem to be unable to put down my pen, err PC, so to speak.
30th September 2013
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Thank you so much for supporting me to the bitter end. I hope you will not be disappointed with the review. I do believe that it has been worth the effort, especially for a new author such as myself, to use the help offered by many here on the authonomy site. It has honed my writing skills and smoothed many rough patches during the past year and a half. Then too, if it hadn’t been for your support, I certainly wouldn’t have had an unsolicited manuscript on the HarperCollins Children’s Editor’s desk. :-)

So, a BIG THANK YOU to all of you and also all those who have supported me on their shelves earlier on my journey. I'm happy to say that today, the 30th of September 2013, I had 206 backers, 230 watchlists and 502 comments. You have all worked very hard with me, so I did not feel alone on this journey.

I backed Kenneth Edward Lim and Maeve Leibhin during this past month. Congratulations for reaching the desk with me this month. I wish you both every success.

Some of you asked about the intended age group. The book is written with Tweeners 10-12 and young Teenagers in mind. Having said that, I do believe, and many of you have agreed, that the book could be read to younger children by their parents, siblings or grandparents.

The main character, Flame has a promise to keep and despite having many adventures with ups and downs along the way, he and his furry-and-feathered friends find support for their special place, but they also encounter a few foes along the way...

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I cannot really decide on a favourite book. I love reading Henry Moore, Jane Austin and Charles Dickens, Gerald Durrell, James Herriot, Louisa Alcot. (Maybe I'm too old to read Michael Morpurgo, but his stories are very believable!)

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African Adventures of Flame, F....

Maretha Botha

Heroes aren't born heroes. They're called to duty unexpectedly. A desert dog with humble beginnings risks his life to keep an important promise.

Life takes strange turns for a puppy born in the desert. After his first owners suffer a tragic loss, a free-range cattle farmer adopts him. When the pup arrives at the farm, far from his birth place, not everyone welcomes him. A member of his new family doubts whether he would ever be a good working dog and their old bull-terrier makes life unpleasant for him. But as time goes by, he grows into a strong, agile dog, finding many loyal, furry-and-feathered friends. They help him to keep a promise; protecting vulnerable bush creatures.
An elusive bird with unusual, pink eyelids tells their stories about fires, villainous poachers, hilarious misunderstandings, happy reunions and many kind humans, who support them after a while. Their stories reveal why not all humans speak Faunalang and why it is always better to treat goats with respect. Despite ups and downs, this desert dog becomes a loyal protector of Fauna Park - their own secret sanctuary. Here he becomes loved by friends and feared by foes - in a land where the sun always lingers longer before it disappears behind the horizon.


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