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I live in Blanchetown on the River Murray in South Australia, a tiny town of approx 200 people. I have self published two poetry books and one novel POD.

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The River Rises

Alan C Hughes

The River Rises is the story of a young boy, beset by fears of cowardice, and his dysfunctional family.

Gabby Huggins, who lives in a riverside country town, is twelve years old and believes he is a coward. The constant bullying by his nemesis is made worse when he meets Lori. a new girl in town. Family life is not helped by his father having an affair with a local beauty. His sister has a dalliance with the local lout and his mother falls for his father's old army friend. The family gradually work their way through their problems, but are caught up in turmoil as the river floods.


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I wrote 850 days ago

Thank you A Morrison for your comments. I will give the piece some diligent editing to get rid of the ttpos. Your tips for improving the piece are most appreciated. I guess we are always learning. The book is aimed at an adult reader, if you get time to read further you will find that it covers the ... view book

I wrote 853 days ago

Hi Warrick Have read the first chapter and it certainly has a hook. I cant wait to see what happens. I have rated it five stars. Thank you for your comments and review on The River Rises. Alan C Hughes view book

I wrote 861 days ago

' Hello Warrick Thank you for your comments. They are most encouraging. It seems I will have to improve my proofreading skills. I usually pass my manuscript on to a friend to read and edit, but I have not done so with this one so, no chance for anyone else to pick up my errors. Thank you for f... view book

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