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My name is Dominic Matich I am a twenty five year old from Rochester Hills who survived kidney disease, dialysis and received a kidney transplant on September 8th 2010. While I was on dialysis I wrote a novel called "Sypheria" a captivating tale of America's future, political correctness and it's aimed towards bringing our youth back to the principles that have steadily held this country together for ages.

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"Shinning" "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas"

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Dominic Matich

The United States is nearly destroyed by political correctness and a second civil war, it takes Sypheria to piece back together the country we had.

Samuel Colt and his highly decorated special forces team, the Seraphs, have just returned to their loved homeland in America after seven treacherous years in Afghanistan. But before they can enjoy the peace they so passionately love and secured, America becomes the target of the worst terrorist attack ever committed worldwide. Now they must face the horror they tried so hard to prevent, and they must fight for their lives, freedoms, and loved ones through the Sypherian movement. Sypheria chose their name by providence and will fight till the death to defend America.


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I wrote 850 days ago

I really like your innovation with this story. view book

I wrote 850 days ago

I really like your innovation with this story. view book

I wrote 850 days ago

I just began with this first chapter and I'm stunned at all the talent I see on this site. You write with a very smooth flow and it's very enjoyable. I look forward to reading more! view book

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