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I was born in the Australian outback but grew up in Melbourne.

When I was seventeen I began having singing lessons from Gertrude Johnson, the charismatic founder of the National Theatre. I attended the Opera School and studied drama, movement and basic Italian and German. After three years, I knew my voice was not good enough to become a professional opera singer. Nevertheless Gertrude Johnson had left a profound impression on me. The seeds of Vissi d’arte took root.

Vissi d'arte and my second novel Eumeralla are now available on Kindle.

I am married to an architect. I work full time at The National Archives in Kew. (Formerly The Public Record Office)
I am the secretary of The Richmond Writers' Circle in Surrey and have had four short stories published in their anthologies, both of which won The National Association of Writer's Groups award.

favourite books

The Thorn Birds, Rebecca, We Need to Talk about Kevin,
His Dark Materials, The Pursuit of Happiness, The Other Boleyn Girl, A Place of Execution.

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http://www.richmondwriterscircle.org.uk/newindex.h     http://www.richmondwriterscircle.org.uk

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tone099 wrote 18 days ago

My name is Peter Reich, special investigator to the Pope and former c....

blueheart wrote 22 days ago

Thanks for backing my book Joanna, hope it's a good read :-) j

blueheart wrote 43 days ago

Hi Joanna, great to hear from you. first of all, thank you for yo....

blueheart wrote 44 days ago

Hi Joanna I was browsing various threads and found you - have been tr....

MatthewBrenn wrote 116 days ago

Joanna, Thanks for backing Orphan of Greenwich Village. And thank....

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I wrote 42 days ago

I like the cover, Jennie. The grey works well with the red and, along with the title, will prepare the reader for a serious subject. view book

I wrote 43 days ago

My friend - call him Julian - it's as if you're worried the readers might forget what their relationaship is - they won't. The switch from past to prest tense in disconcerting and does nothing to add to the drama of the situation - it actually detracts from it. When she's looking at the photo it sho... view book

I wrote 43 days ago

Jennie, This is very good - easy to read with pleanty of intrigue. The fluctuation of both their moods is realistic, as is the dialogue. Writing in the first person does make the POV clear and it works well with this. I would advise you to get an original cover to make your book stand out. W... view book

I wrote 537 days ago

Very good pitch. The school sounds like a nightmare and you've described it well. Just a few things : Get on with his life is a cliche. The paragraph beginning 'He said goodbye to his mom and step-dad' confused me. I've re-read it now and understand, but it needs to be made more clear where... view book

I wrote 842 days ago

I would change the first line. My immediate reaction was, 'Yes, everyone knows that, why is he stating the obvious?' Something more like inserting 'they die' after ''when and where' in the next line. Otherwise it's a compelling read. You will need to get it edited for punctuation, and some of ... view book

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