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BEYOND INQUISITION is the first in a trilogy, and is followed by THE JOSHUA SOLUTION and THE REJECTED KING, works that will portray the mounting tensions between world cultures as experienced through the growth and development of the central characters.

I’ve spent many years studying and teaching prevailing world views to audiences ranging from PhDs to high school students, and am able to make complex concepts simple, and interesting. My experience includes successful public speaking engagements, radio talk show appearances, and many op-ed pieces for local media. Moreover, as a member of an ultra-conservative cult until the age of seventeen, I have a unique view of the fanaticism and power that a cult environment instills and wields.

My purpose for writing BEYOND INQUISITION stems from the desire to create an entertaining read by which thoughtful people can engage in conversation about the contemporary conflicts faced by the central characters.

favourite books

Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck
Most books by Stephen KIng
The works of Francis Schaeffer
The works of Ravi Zacharias
The Last of the Mohicans by James Fenimore Cooper

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Beyond Inquisition

Ronald Nall

800 years of frustration for the ancient Jihadist group, TheTribe, has reached a breaking point, culminating in the quiet university town of Durham, NC

Eight hundred years of frustration for the ancient Jihadist group known as the Tribe has reached a breaking point, culminating in the university town of Durham, North Carolina. Driven to violence by the pathologically damaged Saladeen, the Tribe makes a final effort to recapture the Mandylion. More universally known as the Shroud of Turin, this relic represents religious agendas 2,000 years in the making.

The Watchers, Scribes and Monte of the Brotherhood are the keepers of the Shroud, but infighting has weakened the defense of the cloth they have vowed to protect. An coterie of individuals belong to this secret society, including Dr. Martin, a disabled Duke University professor; Dr. Shah, a geneticist from Pakistan: Sterling Shepherd, the CEO of biochemical giant Genstone, and two Cherokee brothers.

Thrust into this conflict is Joseph Fitzpatrick, a discouraged Irish boxer sent from Dublin by the Catholic Church to coach underprivileged children. The Brotherhood hopes to recruit Joseph. As Joseph contends with demands being made upon him, he also finds himself romantically drawn to Reese Ellington, the daughter of Sterling Shepherd, and mother to an autistic son.

Warring within themselves, the Brotherhood must unite behind one goal: Change or die.


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I wrote 604 days ago

Patricia, I corrected the duplication of chapters on this web site. I was moved by your kind words even though I am not an emotional person. I think you will be surprised by the ending. My hope is readers will leave this book frustrated because they want more. I think I have made a new friend. Pe... view book

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Robert, Thanks for the scoop. I have never written a novel before these three. My goal was to write a book that asks many of the big philosophical/theological questions in an entertaining way. Is that possible? I don't know. I wanted to write something that had the same basic message of Christian l... view book

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