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Amy Boaz is the author of two novels: A Richer Dust (Permanent Press, 2008), nominated for a literature prize by the American Academy of Arts and Letters and winner of a Washington Irving Award; and Beat (2009), "a satisfyingly subtle and rich" work "rooted in literary history," as noted in a starred Kirkus review.

Amy Boaz's writing is described as "dazzling, smart, and dynamic" by the Herald de Paris. Her short fiction has appeared in the Virgin Fiction collection, sponsored by Salon.com (Wm. Morrow). She lives in New York and also works as a book reviewer.

In her exciting new novel, A Knock on the Door, Amy Boaz delves into her Midwestern youth: an 11-year-old Ohio girl named Wanda is searching for her father disappeared in the Iraq War. Part One of A Knock on the Door is posted here.

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A Knock on the Door

Amy Boaz

Heartbreaking, sad funny literary work about a sister-brother team living in Ohio searching for their lost father, who has disappeared during the Iraq War.

"Tremendous--a village here"--Hillary Clinton


A Knock on the Door

Amy Boaz

Intrepid sister-and-brother team Wanda and Tad decide it's time to follow clues to their father's disappearance--after three years as a Reserves soldier MIA in Iraq.

Signs are pointing to big trouble in Wanda and Tad's neighborhood of Forest Bend, Ohio. Three years into their father's disappearance as an IED specialist in Iraq, eleven-year-old Wanda and her younger brother, Tad, wonder if the signs are pointing to where their father might be.

Who has their distraught mother been secretly writing to? Why are their grandparents suddenly giving away their possessions as if in preparation for a Final Exit? Why has crusty, self-made Grandpa hidden from them his past in the backwoods mining town of Bluestone, Kentucky? What does Will, the wise Indian mail carrier, know about the recent spate of bad luck striking the neighborhood? And who--who!-- would have stolen Tad's Stonehenge model constructed lovingly out of Legos?

This is the year everything is set to happen to Wanda, a young violinist with a big vocabulary who misses her father desperately, and when her mother begins to make noises about getting remarried--to their fabulously rich uncle in west Texas!--the two children have to do some quick crusading of their own.


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