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Journalist and blogger. I'm not active any more but will keep an eye on the fiction I have uploaded.

ABOUT THE ALCHEMIST'S APPRENTICE: An ambitious tale that spans several centuries, from 1300s to beyond the second millennium.

ABOUT KISSING FROGS A light, funny read - like Cinderella on the internet. Loosely based on a blog published in a virtual mag.

ABOUT THE CIRCLE LINE A collection of short stories, loosely linked by stops on the London Underground.

ABOUT NEVER DATE YOUR BOSS A chick-lit novel set in the glamorous magazine world. London is calling!

A chick-lit romance set in sunny Italy. True escapism.

favourite books

Classics such as Pride and Prejudice and Brideshead Revisited. Novels by Hesse, even some children's writers (like GP Taylor, he's way better than JK Rowling).

I just love McCall Smith, especially the Sunday Philosophy Club series! Other favourites are Veronica Stallwood and Catriona Macpherson

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The Alchemist's Apprentice (wo....

the alchemist

An alchemical manuscript unlocking the secret of immortality changes the destiny of a man and a boy living centuries apart.

An alchemical manuscript unlocking the secret of immortality changes the destiny of a man and a boy living centuries apart. In medieval France, 13-year-old Nicolas dreams of a heroic destiny. When he takes over his father’s workshop, he comes across a cryptic manuscript that holds the key to the elixir of long life. Nicolas embarks on a quest that brings him the ultimate prize - immortality. Forced to fake his death, he lives an errant life over the centuries.

The second millennium brings about a big change. Nicolas leads the survivors and founds Athena, which soon evolves into a theocratic society. He rules by divine right under the name of Goviz, while the opposition, a faction called the unbelievers attempts to overthrow his regime.

However Goviz’s unlikely nemesis is Kier, a 13-year-old orphan who is being initiated into the secrets of the Great Art. When he is abducted by the unbelievers and finds out the truth about his past, the future of Athena lies in his hands.


Never date your boss (working ....


Being attracted to one's boss might spice up office life, but falling in love with him is a lightning rod for trouble

Louise has always been a prudent girl, but when she starts her new job as a PA to the gorgeous Roger Beaumont, it only takes a designer dress and an invitation to a glamorous function to throw caution to the wind. And when Louise meets Roger's formidable fiancee, Marina, she has even more cause to regret her impulsive behaviour. Wishing to hold onto to her job, Louise pretends nothing has happened, but working side by side with charming Roger is like playing Russian roulette. What has a good girl to do when her foolish heart refuses to listen to her sensible head?


The irresistible Italian


When Emily takes a summer job in Italy, she doesn't bargain for falling in lust with her employer Roberto, a devilishly handsome businessman.

Emily, a young graduate, takes a summer job in Italy, teaching English to ten-year-old Silvia. Her boyfriend Andrew is not best pleased, but he eventually agrees and is delighted when Emily suggests he can join her for a holiday.

Since their first meeting, Emily falls in lust for her employer, Roberto Garanti. She is resolved to fight off her attraction to the handsome, rich businessman because Roberto is also engaged, to glamorous Lucia.

But the raw passion Roberto inspires Emily reminds her of her first love, Martin, who seduced and betrayed her. When Andrew comes to visit her, Emily realises she has fallen in love with Roberto.

Then Martin turns up at the village’s wine fair. Confused, Emily fends off Roberto's and Martin’s attentions and gets in trouble with a jealous Lucia, who takes her revenge by seducing Andrew.

Emily breaks up with Andrew. Martin gets off her case when he meets Marina, the daughter of Roberto's housekeeper.

Roberto finds out about Lucia’s indiscretion and breaks their engagement. Now they are free, Emily cannot trust Roberto, until he opens his heart.

PLEASE READ ONLY CHAPTERS 1-4 as chapter five is only a filler.


Kissing Frogs


Sassy Emma gets addicted to online dating with hilarious results. Will she meet her Mr Right?

Freelance journalist Emma is commissioned to write an article on online dating. Despite disastrous dates and cringy chat-up lines she gets hooked and throws herself body and soul in the obsessive quest for the perfect chemistry.


The Circle Line


Travel on the London tube of fiction and meet the locals.

A collection of short stories linked by one of the most popular underground lines in London. Each short story represents a station on the bottle-shaped map.


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Hello, my name is miss Kristy i saw your profile and have interest i....

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Hi, I am Vera! please how are you! hope you are fine and in perfect ....

lifebaby400 wrote 571 days ago

Hi, I am Vera! please how are you! hope you are fine and in perfect ....

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Hello all, I'm not very active here for work and family reasons. Than....

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Hi alchemist, Historical / period drama - France circa 1700's Don't....

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I wrote 1658 days ago

I find this first chapter a mixed bag, very good in parts and cliched in others. Although you use the first person, I felt detached from the characters and at times I thought I was reading notes for a screenplay. I love American high school TV dramas, I have watched them all and I'm watching th... view book

I wrote 1682 days ago

You write really well and the story flows. I read your first chapter and the 15th as you suggested but found the 15th less punchy. I think you crammed too much explaining into it, which makes the action slower. Perhaps you can read it aloud then edit it so any words you don't need go. Of course, thi... view book

I wrote 1720 days ago

Beautiful writing that reads effortlessy. I could savour your images as I read them and I hope more authonomers will share my pleasure. Backed and with my best wishes. view book

I wrote 1720 days ago

A well-written, action-packed first chapter might explain why you're on top of the ed desk. The crime/thriller genre is very popular both in books and films. I do prefer gentler reads but I believed you can nail your reader from the very first sentence. I can see why a screenwriter might love it, yo... view book

I wrote 1720 days ago

Not my sort of thing, but you write well and I read on, curious to see what was going to happen. The only thing that stuck out was using your character's name in nearly every sentence. It felt a bit too much. You don't need to repeat his surname either after the first introduction. I think some judi... view book

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