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Friends and fans I've had a Hell of an adventure recently from the Middle East to Equatorial Guinea. I thought New Orleans was hot before these places. But I can say after massive humidity and rain in EG, I was wrong. Great writing material though for my future books. Works to come:
1) The Lightning Bug
2) A Walk With the Crescent and the Cross
3) Moth in the Burning Flame

Quotes to get the blood pumping:

A man of his times with one virtue and a thousand crimes.--Lord Byron "The Corsair"

The hero, the villain, or modern tragic character. A modern Achilles who inflicts his own arrow.--Romanus "The Wings of the Seraph"

New Orleans is that one hot chick in the bar with a serpent tattoo and hot pink hair that you know is crazy but you pick her up anyway as she kicks in a bathroom door to pee. You know the relationship is going to burn up and flame out quick. But what a Hell of a ride.-Max Faucheaux "Shadow Ghosts of the Moonlight"

Agents, fans, and, what the Hell, even critics can contact me at jjleblanc2@yahoo.com

JCS87 has this great website you should check out called byondepic.com . She put it together to advertise her own great works and to help out her fellow writers. She did a fantastic job!

Thank you fans and friends for your support of "The Devil Of Black Bayou", "The Wings of the Seraph", and "Shadow Ghosts of the Moonlight". Your comments, backing, and critiques have made me a better writer. I will continue to add my friends and thank them but here are a few great writers and great teachers not in any specific order and all gave some great advice:

Stephen King (Academy of Sacred Heart 11/12/2011 Thanks!)
Brian Bandel (Great editing advice before I read "On Writing".)
Kara Goldthorpe (Thanks for all your encouragement!!)
JCS 87 (Thanks for the shout out on byondepic.com!!)
Lucy Middlemass (Fantastic editor and teacher!!!)
Sandie Newman (Great fan and supporter!)
Melissa Simonson (Razor's edge, no b.s. edits, good writer!)

and many more to come......

If I owe you a review please let me know. If I owe you a follow up let me know too. If I owe you money, well I'm in the Gulf of Mexico in twelve foot seas and will have to get back to you.

I threw my heart and soul into "The Wings of the Seraph". It's more than a horror/mystery/romance novel. It's a nostalgic look back to my grandfather's farm in Bayou L'Ourse, La. It's a magical place I've spent my whole adult life trying to get back to. The story itself was inspired by my late uncle, Jay LeBlanc, who was a mischevious cowboy that liked to tell gargoyle stories on our ride back from the eastern woods of the ranch. For added effect he'd bang on the roof and really get us to squeal. Thanks always Uncle Jay!

The books I've written and are writing are based on real people and based on real travel experiences minus the supernatural creatures to come. Also I see each book as an opportunity to entertain and enlighten the reader on Louisiana histrory, politics, and culture.

Dorrance Publishing, Diabolic Publishing, and Samhain Publishing are looking over my work. Dorrance is offering a "vanity fair" contract and the other publishers have been entertained. We shall see what the best contract will be.

Currently "The Devil Of Black Bayou" is on Kindle and is in final proofread for Amazon.


If you enjoyed the novel on here then the remaining novel with many added chapters and plot twists is fully available on the site.--JL

favourite books

Duma Key, A Stained White Radiance, Sunset Unlimited, Jolie Blon's Bounce, In The Electric Mist With Confederate Dead, Bag Of Bones, Love In the Time Of Chlorea, Tarzan, Hearts In Atlantis, Salem's Lot, Art Of War, The Last Gulf, The State Of Africa, The Grapes Of Wrath, Dante's Inferno, A Seperate Peace, The Old Man And The Sea, 11/22/63, Creole Belle

my websites

http://www.facebook.com/mobileprotection#!/jeff.le     http://www.myspace.com/jeff31671

HarperCollins is not responsible for the content of external internet sites.

my books

Shadow Ghosts Of The Moonlight....

Jeffrey LeBlanc

A detective tracking a skipped bail bond inmate hiding in a remote bayou village, stumbles onto legendary creatures terrorizing the village.

"You have two wolves hidden inside you. The first wolf is loving and nurturing. The second wolf is a ravenous killer. Whatever wolf you become is the one you feed." Preston Richard

Max Faucheaux has tracked people in some of the harshest terrain around the world. Now home after a two year security consultant job in Nigeria, Max has eased into easy money tracking bail bond skips all over Louisiana. A local bondsman offers a deal too good to be true. Fifty thousand dollars to track a skip out on bond for child molestation and possible murder. The skip, Preston Richard, with his political, family, and Masonic connections, was granted a hundred thousand dollar bail and before the ink was dry had fled down into the Atchafalaya waterways to the remote village Isle De Jean St. Charles south of New Orleans. In the mists and waves of moss, something hunts and hides far worse than a child predator. Can Max find what hunts the poor fishermen and their families before it's too late? Will he be able to stop their relentless attacks? Maybe only the pale bluish light of the moon shining on the ghostly moss will know the answer.


The Devil Of Black Bayou

Jeffrey LeBlanc

A cursed Creole pirate longs to be re-united with his wife murdered by the Devil at sea.

"I never feared the darkest parts of the night. I never feared monsters...until I became one."--Antoine Valterre

Would you choose damnation to save the one you loved? Romantically we'd like to say we would. But in the harshness of reality to face an eternal damnation most would not.

Antoine Valterre had that choice to make. Allow pirates to rape and murder his wife or take the Devil's bargain. He forfeits his soul and he and Marie would be freed from their captors. The problem was the Devil is always in the details.

Antoine's wife Marie is murdered by the Devil and Antoine, as part of his agreed bargain, is transformed into a monster. As the Devil's monster, Antoine can only be re-united with Marie by spilling innocent blood.

Through the haunted streets of New Orleans, in the ghostly shrouded Atchafalaya waterways, and the emerald green waters of the Gulf of Mexico, follow the tale of "The Devil of Black Bayou".

Can a monster find redemption? Will Antoine find lasting peace and be reunited in eternity with his lost love? Shame the Devil and find out.

But be warned when sinking your teeth into Antoine's tale. Sometimes the characaters bite back.


The Wings Of The Seraph

Jeffrey LeBlanc

A farmer and biologist investigating cattle mutilations discover the source of the attacks.

"No one will believe I didn’t kill her. No one of this world anyway."--Cain McIntyre

Cattle mutillations that no animal will touch. A young boy battling for his life. A battered and beaten young girl staggers out of a swamp. What do they all have in common?

Cain McIntyre is losing cattle on his ranch in Bayou L'Ourse, Louisiana. The Cajun farmer faced with financial hardship and bankruptcy, is also dealing with an adulterous wife and collapsed marriage. In an effort to save the ranch and prove that his wife is behind the attacks, Cain throws himself into finding the culprit . A patrol results in a young boy, Little Joe, being attacked and fighting for his life. With the young boy at the hospital, a chance encounter with a mysterious, battered woman on a stretcher ends with her saying, "He will live. You are now mine."

With the help of a local biologist, Tyler Walker, Cain unravels clues to find the truth, prevent anymore attacks, and end the mutilations.

What they discover after intense searches will draw out creatures thought to exist in myths and legends.


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I wrote 70 days ago

Friends and family I am honored! Twenty detailed chapters are written outlining the creation and evolution of the seraph and morg cultures. A 'Lord of Rings' trilogy is in store for these creatures with a minor epic battle. I hope you enjoy dear fans. The completed novel will be published shortly af... view book

I wrote 310 days ago

It was easy. I patterned them after my own adventures from Dubai to Equatorial Guinea.--JL view book

I wrote 310 days ago

Thank you Michael. I've been in Equatorial Guinea and haven't been on here in a while. Thank you again.-JL view book

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Seven you have great writing talent and I'm honored by your comments and support! Your attention to detail and grammatical follow up was insightful. I will take your advice and review accordingly.--JL view book

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Tony I had to come back by and re-visit a great novel. Keep promoting "Of Rust And Rain". It is great stuff and deserves a larger audience. Thanks for your previous backing and support as well.--JL "The Devil Of Black Bayou", "Shadow Ghosts of the Moonlight", & "The Wings of the Seraph" view book

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