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Hello Friends;

Haven't been on for a while. Sorry. Life, details, writing, etc...

I am seeking an agent and publisher, in case you are an agent or publisher.

I will return reads. But I prefer trading Beta reads for a more thorough critique. I will swap a thorough critique in return.

I accept criticism well, so it is okay to be clear and even a little blunt. Polite is always nice though. In return, I try to provide a useful critique, without being overly critical. If you don't want spelling and punctuation commented on, please say so in advance.

I am working actively on "Ice Queen: Blood and Ice Wolves" and this is my preferred choice for critiques.

"The Ice Queen: Blood and Ice Wolves" - A Young Adult fantasy adventure set in a magical ice age.

New edited versions of the first 6 chapters are now posted. Also, NEW chapters through chapter 10 have been added.

Older work:

"A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing" has a NEW cover. The story is complete, but maybe long for a middle-grade book. I have a version split into three short novels to match the recommended size for Middle Grade books as well as one long novel version. This has query letters out for submittals.

"Flight of the Hive: Subjugation" is hard Sci Fi of a near future. It has been on the back burner, but I am always interested in comments on it.

I'm seeking new covers, particularly for my newly-split-into-three "Sheep" book(s). Feel free to make any suggestions about covers.


I can be found on Twitter (@Greymuir), facebook, and Wordpress currently.

Come see me there some time. Thanks to you all.

favourite books

Everything by C.J. Cherryh, Andre Norton, Jack Vance, Roger Zelazney, Tad Williams and Brandon Sanderson

Raiders From the Rings (Out-of -print YA favorite!) by Alan E. Nourse

I'm looking for another favorite author or two, if anyone has suggestions.

Here on Authonomy I recommend:

The Christian Lit Forum

YALF - Young Adult Literary Forum

The Alliance of World Builders

my websites

http://lordofthequills.weebly.com/     http://barnardcullenauthor.wordpress.com

HarperCollins is not responsible for the content of external internet sites.

my books

The Ice Queen: Blood and Ice W....

Barnard Cullen

Chasing Ice Wolves that killed his mother and sister, Feyt finds a frozen City of Ice that turns back to flesh one day a month.

When Ice Wolves kill his mother and sister. Feyt blames himself. Vowing revenge, he joins the Hunters sent to kill the wolves. Taking refuge from a storm in a cave, Feyt discovers a City of Ice, full of people, animals, buildings… all carved ice. Falling asleep, they’re awoken, arrested by living guards. The City of Ice has turned real.
Hauled before the throne to explain their presence, Feyt meets Princess Persei, who’s just days short of her 16th birthday, when she’ll become Queen. Night falls, and they sleep again, awakening to a refrozen city.

Feyt learns the City is frozen except for one day a month, at the full moon. He discovers the warlock who ensorcelled the city, is the Lead Ice Wolf and murderer of his mother. He must free the Princess and City, before she turns 16, and is forced to marry, giving the sorcerer permanent control of the ancient city. The northern ice-sheet is expanding, driving people south and Caernall, Feyt's village, is beset by enemies allied with the sorcerer. He wants an Ice War to crush resistance before he resurrects the long lost Kingdom of the North, as its new king.


Mischief in the Meadows; Book ....

Barnard Cullen

Timothy’s a sheep who dreams of being a wolf. He runs away to become one, but the grass is not greener and events turn deadly.

Timothy Sheep is bored with the peaceful Meadows and frustrated with Orthodox-sheep telling him what he can’t do. His parents don’t understand him and he’s picked on by bullies. He dreams of becoming a fearless wolf and teaching everyone a lesson, then he finds a wolf-skin …

Through humorous adventures and misadventures, plus some creative lying and bluffs, Timothy joins the Wolf Pack. He finds ‘clothes do make the sheep’. Dressing and acting like a wolf transforms him into one. After he’s accepted, he discovers other wannabe-wolves have slipped in, too. Soon, Timothy’s enjoying the wild-life, howling and playing with friends late as he wants. He’s living his dreams.

But dreams become nightmares as the wolves’ brutal nature is revealed. With wolves killing wolves, can a ‘SHEEP IN WOLF’S CLOTHING’ survive? Too ashamed to return home to the Meadows and Flock, can Timothy protect his new girl or any of his wannabe friends? Soon he’s changed irrevocably as he’s forced to fight for his life. Will he live to learn any lessons from his wolf experiences?

Humorously parodying gang involvement and its violence, this story is suitable for Middle-Grade, Young-Adult, and Christian audiences.


The Flight of the Hive: Subjug....

Barnard Cullen

The clone-warriors of the Hive, sent by the Great Mother to subjugate Earth, discover a shocking truth that threatens to shatter both Hive and Humanity.

VETA, clone in the Hive Mother's mighty space fleet, the Flight, is sent through worm-space to an insignificant solar system to conquer yet another minor world. She struggles to deal with a difficult and jealous consort, matters of sacred honor (khree), and Subjugation of a planet. An Emergence accident alerts the planet's rulers, but they're primitives... right?
The American President discovers a brief flash in space brings with it First-Contact with extraterrestrials in the form of an invasion fleet of massive proportions. Will Earth's raging politics and power struggles turn to alliances as the Hive arrives to begin Subjugation?
Mechanical engineer GARRET wishes he were doing more exciting things. Flirting with the secretary, Linda, causes a fight with his arrogant boss and gets him fired. Out to get some air, Garret looks up to see the invasion forces descending and becomes surrounded in battle. Can mankind resist the overwhelming assault?
This routine conquest suddenly goes awry, as clones and humans discover a shocking truth neither is prepared to accept, shattering both Hive and Humanity. Caught in an intergalactic war between the Hive and its nemesis, The Enemy, can both humans and clones accept the truth and survive annihilation. Or not?


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I wrote 211 days ago

Maretha, Wonderful book you have. I am sure it will make the ED. Terrific tween novel and a great read. Your scenes are well set up and your characters very believable and enjoyable. Absolutely a great book for animal lovers of all ages. Best of luck. view book

I wrote 417 days ago

Hi Kate, This is a YALF review. I think that you developed your main character very well and quickly in the first few paragraphs of the first chapter. Chapter 1 2nd para makes you identify with the character, good/ 4th para suggest using quotes “…aubergine eyes…” I’d suggest some more common... view book

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Hi Christine, Here is my CLF review of Five Short Stories With a Twist My comments are merely an opinion at the time I was reading the stories. Take what you find useful or helpful and discard what you don't. I am hoping that my thoughts help a bit. Here they are; Reflections “Days and years... view book

I wrote 456 days ago

Hi. Here's a comment just to post one. I'm glad to see that you were at #5 and I'm hoping you can do it again. Give it all you've got. Worst case, is you are in #1 to start next month. Still got 9 days this month so don't give up easily. Rooting for you. view book

I wrote 469 days ago

WOW! At 135! And a pending contract! I can believe the DESK is within your reach. Awesome! view book

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