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about me

I'm here to have my work criticised, and hopefully improve what I write.

I'd also like to offer whatever I can to help other writers.
I'll return any reads that I get and try to offer honest and constructive criticism.
If you've read and commented, then please remind me if I don't get back to you within a week or so!

Now that "Rūta" has been published I am looking for criticism and comment on my new book "Peilis" which is in its second draft.

Please check out "Rūta" in its fully edited and with artwork form at http://www.amazon.com/dp/B008XX6MIU and on facebook at http://www.facebook.com/RutaBook.

Thanks all and happy reading and writing!

favourite books

Tolstoy, Hugo, anything Classic Really.

my websites

http://www.facebook.com/pages/Kit-Masters/49320665     http://kitmasters.blogspot.co.uk/

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my books


Kit Masters

Knives in school.

"A memory I wish I didn't have, but know I deserve."

Kane Pritchard was a promising eleven year old.
He was a drug dealer thirteen year old.
He was killed at fifteen.



Kit Masters

Rūta is growing up in a failing school and a failing society.
There is nothing I can do to help her.

Arriving to small town England from Lithuania at the age of six the world must've seemed inconceivably large to Rūta.
At that age she wouldn't have needed promise, wouldn't have understood prosperity, but she was going with her mum and leaving her dad behind.

Rūta lives in a dilapidated street in the centre of town and takes the bus to a failing comprehensive school, the world becomes alarmingly small for her.

Unreliable teachers and warring factions trouble the narrator, impotent as the staff lose control.

This book is an insight into life for teens growing up in British schools.
Danger controversy and dilemma abound around carefully created characters.
A sympathetic narrator, who fights for breath in the turmoil around him, leads you through his world.


Short Stories and Poems

Kit Masters

A collection of writing from my early twenties; personal, truthful but above all, fiction!

The writing deals with growing out of childish ways, with becoming a man in the twenty first century.
Much of the text was written whilst I was a student in Edinurgh, and as such it considers the lifestyle I led then.
Later in the book there are stories and poems that I have written as a graduate, even a Sherlock Holmes play that I made for a class of 15 year olds.
And something about first love and one about marriage for which I owe an awful lot to Bob Dylan, thanks for the inspiration.

As I've been writing more recently I have written about the themes I deal with daily, and so "A Day" which is about a troubled teenage boy who makes a very large mistake.
Also "Connah" which is on a similar theme but is more developed.


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I wrote 454 days ago

Hiya, really enjoyed what I have read here. As it started I thought I was going to be writing a comment about your excellently constructed third person as the first chapter is told. Then you go into the first person and you introduce your characters well in chapter two and the interest and pace co... view book

I wrote 459 days ago

Hi Frances, I have read all a you have posted here, and very much enjoyed it. The theme that you write about is very interesting and I feel it must've been pretty awful to be at boarding school as a wee bairn. This world is thoroughly believable and nestled in the backdrop of post war Britain. ... view book

I wrote 464 days ago

Hello, well done on this piece of writing, it is of hard work and substance. I have a couple of points, which may be idiosyncratic to my opinion, and feel free therefore to disregard them! Crucially this is quite and introverted piece of writing, it is all about this one guy Rob, and you want to... view book

I wrote 465 days ago

I have to say I am pretty frightened. I'm up to chapter ten, I had to find out what the book was about, but now I am bugging out, scared, wimpishly in a corner. I'm afraid paranormal is never really going to be my thing, I have an aversion to it all that my mother gave me! I think this is fanta... view book

I wrote 710 days ago

Hi Richard, Well done on a well sculpted story. I feel that the snese of destruction in war is very real in the narrative. There's a good pace about the writing and a good confidence to it as has already been pointed out to you. I like the premise of travelling to Poland to discover a s... view book

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