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I'm not online often...BUT PLEASE HELP ME REACH THE EDITOR'S DESK!!!!!

I am 22....I wrote Regenesis a month before my 18th birthday. Haven't spent much time on it since then....

I love thrills.
Skydiving - most incredibly thrilling shit-my-pants-insane experience of my life! Even more of a rush than bungee jumping. I intend to cage dive with great white sharks next.

I lived in England for a while and I miss it. It felt like home. I'm back in Zimbabwe.......for now. Not sure what the next step is.

I love:
Red lipstick
Contact lenses (my eyes are brown but it's always fun to change =)
Animals in general
Lilies (and all other flowers)
Green grass
The ocean
Swimming at night
Bathing in the dark
Horse back riding
I'm big into medieval weaponry and will hopefully own a bow and a sword sometime not too long from now. You don't find that stuff in Zim though. I have, however, made my own bow, just a simple long bow :P
Handwritten letters
Getting flowers
Video games and PC games! (Pokemon, The Legend of Zelda, Mortal Kombat and Warcraft are the ones I play most frequently)
Dancing in the rain
Lying in the shade on the grass
Swimming (but not alone! I love water but I'm petrified of it, I always imagine scary things pulling me under, or somehow believe JAWS is going to emerge out of a hidden passage ha ha)
Walking barefoot...NELIPOT! :)
Climbing trees
Being at one with nature
Good movies
Listening to music and singing :)

I bake, cook, paint, read, write and make jewellery in my spare time. One day I am going to live as a gypsy! Or in a tree. Whichever pans out. I plan on spending at least 10years of my life in Canada or Alaska....would love to do a polar bear plunge...or that whole Russian sauna vodka freezing lake thing lol :) I want to travel Europe! Especially Holland, Italy, Spain, France, Norway, Sweden, Hungary, Transylvania......and I want to explore Russia!! (Although wtf is up with their gay rights? They need to sort that out! Equality for all!!!!) Zimbabwe doesn't have gay rights either. I think it would be badass to travel the states in a hippie van lol....want to go where there are mountains and wild horses and just nature and beauty. I hate chocolate...but love chocolate cake (go figure?) and anything else? You can ask :)

favourite books

The Hunger Games trillogy
The Perks Of Being A Wallflower - Stephen Chbosky
Anything by NORA ROBERTS <3
Eat Pray Love - Elizabeth Gilbert
Crossed Bones
The Bridei Chronicles - Julliet Marillier
The Belgariad - David Eddings
The Malloreon - David Eddings
The Inheritance Cycle - Christopher Paolini
The Harry Potter series - JK Rowling
The Host - Stephenie Meyer
The Lord of the Rings - JRR Tolkien
The Hobit - JRR Tolkien

A few of my favourite books on Authonomy (forgive any misspellings!) :

Deshay of The Woods (The Demon's Pendant 1) - Phil Partington
The Ark of Humanity - Scott Toney
The Beholder - Ivan Amberlake
Gut Instincts - Melissa Koehler
Pythagora - Kadija Starr
J'vhalia - Laura Rose D'arc
Forever Fredless
Feather Light

and my all time favourite
APOSTLE - Lacey Crowe

my websites


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my books


Bragitta Shay van Rensburg

18 year old Allystra kills herself only to wake up in yesterday. What kind of sick joke are the fates playing on her?

Allystra Lavado is a scholarship kid at Elleneswy High, or snobsville. Whichever you like. To make things worse, she's poor. For her....school's just....great. Like a slit on each wrist.

Ryan is the light at the end of her tunnel even though he doesn't even notice she exists. Breathing the same air as him is enough for her. When he dies, her whole world is consumed by flames of despair and she kills herself.

The Fates, unpredictable and curious, send her back...but not without some form of punishment.

They say they have a plan for her. They allow her to change fate. To do so, she has to experience death. The price to turn back time: her blood....and pain.

As her emotional state lightens, it become harder and harder for her to kill herself. She faces the question: "Is it worth facing death to save a life?"

Follow her as she braves death and stumbles upon happiness.


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Thanks for backing The Travellers, appreciated

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I wrote 241 days ago

WHAT! Where is the rest of it? LOVE IT! It's really good. Very few mistakes and I love the story. It's so easy to read because of the way everything just flows. The way you write makes it feel like the narrator is confiding in me and we're sitting down talking. I like that. view book

I wrote 243 days ago

WHAT! MELISSA DON'T DO THIS TO ME DAMMIT! There HAS to be more! THERE HA TO! It cannot end like that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DYING FOR BOOK THREE! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! view book

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OH MY GOD! NO! THERE HAS TO BE MORE! BAHAHAHA ok, so I just opened a new tab and went to your books and saw there is a second one. PHEW! Ok, comments.....wow. Just......wow. think I noted 3 errors in the ENTIRE book. THREE. This is so freaking polished and professional! All I can think of is t... view book

I wrote 247 days ago

"Goodnight," he said, with the softest smile i had ever seen. I'm in love with Xavier. And I'm in love with your story. MESMERISING! view book

I wrote 373 days ago

A BIG thank you for all the helpful and constructive comments <3 love and peace <3 view book

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