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Software wrote 500 days ago

Hello Pete, Hope you are well. Maybe you would like to try out my....

The Knowledge wrote 737 days ago

Hi Pete, Don't know if 'Madeline' would be your choice of reading bu....

Adeel wrote 745 days ago

Dear Pete I will be thankful to you if you can render me your support....

Paul Beattie wrote 768 days ago

My new novel, Filthy Luca, has risen over 5000 places in under two we....

ndayerr wrote 890 days ago

(jessica_2vndaye@yahoo.com) My name is jessica i saw your profile t....

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I wrote 1058 days ago

Hi Claire, Your book was recommended to me by a friend, and to be honest I am so glad they did, as I probably would not have read it from the title. A fantasticly written book which keeps you hanging on through every chapter. Stephen is an amazing charactor, and im sure many people can relate to a ... view book

I wrote 1068 days ago

A Well thought out character, and very descriptive style of writing, I have really enjoyed reading your book. There where parts where I could not hold in a little chuckle to myself!! I would love to read more Well done!!! Backed and 6 stars view book

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