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58 years old. Married to Marion. Together we owned a small family manufacturing business in Southport but sold up and retired in Nov 2010. Love writing but no published work to date apart from letters to newspapers. Write a retirement blog. Interested in television, metal detecting,cycling, art and antiques. Try to go to the cinema every week. Two children, teacher Sarah (31) and TV developer Paul (28). Sarah presented us with our first grandchild Rose in July and made us very happy.

I wrote Give Your Tomorrow, my first novel, while I was working. Retirement has given me more time to develop it and I have rewritten three times now. I think each version is better than the last and I hope that you agree.

If I tell you that my favourite book is "The Trip To Panama", a beautiful children's story by Polish author Janosch and I used to love "Last Of The Summer Wine" and "Jam And Jerusalem" on TV and my current favourites are 'Modern Family" and 'Rev", you won't expect anything heavy from my writing. I've aimed to write the sort of thing that you might pick up in an airport and enjoy reading on the sun lounger.

The book will soon be complete and uploaded here.

As for swap reads, I won't ask for any. But I will put your book on the w/l if you ask me to read it and it is in a genre that I enjoy.

favourite books

Vernon God Little, Life of Pi,The Book Thief,Far From the Madding Crowd, My Family And Other Animals, The Trip To Panama,Lord of The Flies, Captain Corelli's Mandolin,The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas,The White Woman On The Green Bicycle,Like Bees To Honey, The White Tiger,Florence And Giles

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I wrote 1689 days ago

I was attracted by your pitch.It is interesting. When I started to read I felt that your story was well written and easy to read. I liked the double narrative style but wonder if, by showing both characters, there is a risk of becoming repetitive if continued throughout the whole book. I recently... view book

I wrote 1690 days ago

This is so well written that I had to read everything and was disappointed when the upload ran out. I enjoyed it very much. I have few crticisms.I do worry a little about inconsistencies in Jack's character. Would someone who has such high moral principles that he is prepared to give up a job in or... view book

I wrote 1693 days ago

I think that you are on the right track for the age group. It's reminds me of Winnie the Pooh and, with the pictures that you describe, it could be good.I think there are a couple of clumsy sentences "which covered" could be replaced by "covering". for example. As you have uploaded only 1,000 words... view book

I wrote 1693 days ago

Dear Emma I like the idea behind your story. The pitch is good and the opening is a very evocative journey full of emotion and questions for Victoria. I feel that your writing is readable but it needs editing. There are a lot of sentences that don't read smoothly for example Ch 3 "The by bloodcurdl... view book

I wrote 1694 days ago

Happy to back your writing. No point in commenting as you are no longer active but it is really good. John view book

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