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20 January 2013

Sanctuary's Loss will be e-published in Summer 2013 and I have a new YA novel to promote called "That Dark Inside"

I have very limited time on this site, you won't find me in the forums unless it is to promote my week's Top Five books.

Great site, great community. Good to be back.

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David Smith,
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Fortnight beginning 3 - 17 Feb

Mute - by Brian Bandell

Professional writing, slick characterisation and a story that sets off at a pacy lick, pulls you right in.

Shadow Jumper - Julia Forster

Intriguing ideas, lovable characters, please give this one a read.

Not normally a fan of military biographies but this one is slickly written with a focused narrative zeal that sucks you in and keeps you reading;

British Army on the Ramage by Sean Connolly


And keeping it here for one more week

Sorry - Grace Lysett

A moving honest portrayal of human trauma written in a style that is engaging but never overly sentimental, I enjoyed muchly, makes you count your blessings even more regularly.

And if you’ve tried her Max Cole story, have a look at this one by Jaclyn Aurore;

My Life Without Me

Great premise, beautifully told, enthralling and poignant, perfect for it’s YA audience.

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I wrote 451 days ago

Mute Hi Brian I hope I looked at the right one. Please understand that I don't do ingratiating blather, there's enough of this site that do. But you need to know that what I read I liked, generally pacy, clear and with a distinctive enough narrative voice to be engaging but not intrusive. T... view book

I wrote 453 days ago

Ozoneraser Hi Venkatarama, I've had a read through several chapters. Imaginative and intriguing, lots of eye-catching science fiction here, although not necessarily my cup of tea. My suggestions for developments are around forward-facing plot and back story, at the moment I think the early p... view book

I wrote 485 days ago

Doghouse Blue Hello Clive, Nicely done in general, although not my usual genre. Roger and his family are well drawn and the writing does its job. In terms of developments that came to mind as I read, I think you need to use less narrative description, where you are telegraphing the humour to... view book

I wrote 485 days ago

Hollow Hello James, I popped along and had a read as you suggested. I have had a look at several sections to get the writing style and the basic idea of plot and have some thoughts to offer, please, please take them in your stride, I only try to comment if I think I can offer something, I re... view book

I wrote 499 days ago

Hello Adina, I've had a read, dipping into chapters throughout what's been posted here. You clearly have an eye for detail and the soulful depths of life. Your story is a strong and engaging one, your writing is strong. I note you have edited this very well. My comments relate to what still... view book

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