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about me

I am the owner and editor of an upcoming Scottish women's magazine.

A qualified journalist and blogger, I have been writing and publishing news articles and features from the age of 16.

My first short story 'Switched' was published at 15 years old.

I am a self-professed Doors fanatic, caffeine addict and shopaholic.

My friends would describe me as funny, kind-hearted, passionate, ambitious, a good listener and a little bit eccentric.

Check out my magazine at www.stylettomag.com for up to date blog posts on fashion trends, beauty reviews, life rambling and general women's features.

favourite books

No one here gets out alive by Jerry Hopkins.
On the Road by Jack Kerouac.
Last Chance Saloon by Marian Keyes.
The Devil Wears Prada.
Bright lights, big city.

my websites

http://www.stylettomag.com     http://www.fashionhungry.wordpress.com

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my books


Lisa Boyle

54lbs. Fat bitch, she hissed. I can help you lose more though, as long as you trust me…

An account of one girl’s addiction to hunger, STARVED describes just how powerful the voice of anorexia can be. Not just a memoir, but a startling insight into one of the worst cases of anorexia ever to be seen.

Her best friend Kelly is gone, her mum is becoming more ill by the day. However, if she loses some weight, things will become clearer, sharper, more in control. Things might be better if she just disappeared…

She’s starting to get too skinny, but she likes the new pelvic bones which jut like pyramids. She likes the surge of power it gives her. If she eats - god forbid - then the voice will cut her like a knife, telling her she’s just as disgusting and weak as she already believed.

Yet in mirror-land, she is god - the starving actress, the star of the show. She must push her body as far as she can go, test the boundaries, savour the proximity to death.

She is eventually hospitalised weighing just 54lbs with a week to live. She must eat or die.

STARVED is a story of madness, obsession, food, weight, society, teenage angst, illness, fear, death and recovery.


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I wrote 716 days ago

Hi Jayne, Thank you for your comments, they encourage me to continue with this book even though it can be difficult at times writing it. I still get a bitter tang in my mouth each time I think of a memory that brings back images of just how brutal my anorexia was. I am sorry to hear you had to... view book

I wrote 720 days ago

Brilliant book on a tough subject and one that I am sure will be published one day! I like how this is funny as well as cleverly written! I will be back to read more soon. Best of luck, Lisa. view book

I wrote 725 days ago

What an amazing book! Brilliantly written and darkly witty from the start, this novel is right up my street from the beginning. You instantly warm to the character and can picture her at ease. Well done and good luck! view book

I wrote 725 days ago

Hi Bradley, Someone passed me on your details in regards to designing book covers I was wondering if this is something you may be able to help me with for my book STARVED? Thanks for your time. :) view book

I wrote 726 days ago

Dear Dean, Thank you for your lovely comments I have taken all of your advice on board and shortened the chapters. However I have noticed since editing this all my stars and people who added it to their watchlists has disappeared. Would you be kind enough to star this and back my book again if... view book

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