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Amanda Lee was introduced to writing in fourth grade by a girl named Breena Nolan and hasn't given it up since, annoying friends with her newest ideas and stories. She's only ever written one story longer than a page or two (that's the one on here) but if she can ever get her butt in gear she'll finish the others. She also hates Twilight, Eragon, and any other popular "copy" novel.

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favourite books

Daniel X
Artemis Fowl and pretty much anything else by Eion Colfer
Ender's Shadow by Orson Scott Card
Maximum Ride #1, although the others have gotten SUCKY!!!!
Truancy and Truancy: Origins by Isamu Fukui

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my books

Another Day in Nowheresville

Amanda S. Lee

When the USA's taken over overnight by the ISA, young Alexandra Blackburn's life is turned upside down.Taken to a safehouse by a boy with superpowers...

In a world where superheroes are in the history books, anything's possible. Or was. When an attack killed all--or nearly all--of the "post-humans," life returned to the way we know it. But now, thirty-some years in the future, post-humans are showing up again. When the USA's taken over overnight by the ISA, young Alexandra Blackburn's life's turned upside down.Taken to a safehouse for post-humans (run by former supervillains) by a boy with superpowers, although she has no ability, she meets several other post-humans and becomes friends. But good things never last, and before long, the ISA has found Alex's new home. Forced by her lack of powers to watch as one of her new freinds gets stolen away, she can do nothing but run away. Determined to rescue them, no matter what, Alex sets off on a quest to get them back from the ISA.


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Amanda, Would you mind looking at Violet Blood? I'm trying to get as....

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After one year on the site and over 700 reviews, I have accepted many....

Daniel Delacy wrote 1493 days ago

Care to swap reads? Apocalypse Then

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Hi there, I like the premise of Another Day in Nowheresville and wil....

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Hello, You be the judge! I request you to kindly sp....

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I wrote 1951 days ago

It's a work in process. sorry y'all if you're disapointed, but it's kinda my first ever near-finished work and, well, you know how it is. I'll take that into consideration, though, see if i can fix it. view book

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