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I'm from the Black Country in the UK, and have been writing for a few years now. I'm a romance junkie - I love to watch it, read it and write it.

I'm thrilled that my first book, Undertaking Love, is to be digitally published by HarperCollins on April 25th 2013 - not long to go now, am giddy!

I'm terribly disorganised, so don't accept requests to swap reads as I will forget and offend people. I prefer to mooch around and read things that appeal to me, which in the main will be romantic comedy.

Am off to read some of the many fabulous books on here. Send a search party if i'm not back before dark?

favourite books

Jenny Crusie - I love her books enough to be officially classed as obsessed. Bet Me is prob my ultimate romantic novel.
All of Jilly Coopers books - she's a goddess.
Anything by Marian Keyes - ditto reason above.
All of Joanne Harris, notably Blackberry Wine.
Gerald Durrell's Corfu trilogy. My favourite comfort books in the world. When things get dodgy, I retreat to bed and read them until I feel better again.

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my books

Undertaking Love

Kat French

When a funeral director opens next door to her wedding chapel, Marla Jacobs declares war.
Who will win the battle for Beckleberry High Street?

Love phobic Marla Jacobs is horrified when a funeral parlour tries to open up next door to her Little White Wedding Chapel, and declares all out war. The chapel in the sleepy Shropshire countryside has been a national smash hit for the last few years, but the arrival of Gabriel Ryan's Funeral Parlour threatens everything.

She can picture the scene. Wedding limos fighting for space in the street with hearses. Brides bumping into widows. Wreaths instead of bouquets. And really, how many happy couples would run the risk of ending up with a party of sobbing relatives huddled in the back of their wedding photos?

Throw in the fact that Gabriel is off the scale gorgeous with his gypsy curls and irish lilt, and Marla is in all kinds of trouble. It infuriates her that he makes her stomach fizz and her throat desert dry - she spends half of her time hating him, and the other half wanting to rip the shirt off his back.

Factor in a motley crew of weird and wonderful local supporters, and the battle lines are drawn.

So... Team Marla, or Team Gabe?


Honeysuckle Jones

Kat French

Honeysuckle Jones is always in the middle. The middle sister.The middle friend.
But the middle is about to become a lot more interesting...

Happy go lucky Honey likes sex as much as the next girl - she was just born without the orgasm gene. Which is all fine and dandy, until her best friendsTash & Nell find out and make it their personal mission to find the perfect man to show Honey exactly what she's been missing.

Honey is more concerned by the fact that her job as manageress of a charity shop is under threat unless she can raise the money to save it, along with the OAP home it is attached to. Life suddenly becomes hectic as she juggles blind dates with protest marches. She's almost too busy to pay much attention to her grouchy new neighbour. Almost.

Hot shot chef Benedict Hallam, Hal to his friends, is furious. A snow boarding accident has robbed him of everything he loves - his celeb packed restaurant, his ferrari, and his fiancee. His new world in a tiny borrowed flat is dark and unfamiliar.

He doesn't want this life. He wants his old life back. Until then there is only whisky, and an infuriating woman in the flat next door...


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I wrote 381 days ago

Hey Sheri, I read a couple chapters, and I wish I had time to just sit here and keep reading. :O) Your story-teller voice shines, I love your gorgeous way with words. Good Luck xx view book

I wrote 606 days ago

Hey Nina, I just stumbled on your book, and I love it! Your writing is fast and immaculate, and from the pages i've read I enjoy your escapist, block buster style. it's the kind of book i' d love to read on a beach with a huge cocktail in my hand. :O) Lots of Luck! Jodie view book

I wrote 661 days ago

Hi Colin, I've just read the first chapter of 'Saltus' and found myself completely absorbed into Kit's world. I'm not qualified to offer any critique as it's a genre I don't often read, but as i've read and enjoyed it I wanted to say that I think you have a beautiful way with words. I appreciat... view book

I wrote 694 days ago

Fabulous stuff, Zane. Bonkers, beguiling and oh so clever, in my head I can almost hear it being read aloud by the guy who narrated the Mr.Men in the 70's! Love it. view book

I wrote 802 days ago

Wow. This is really clever, and very slick. I'm totally on board, I love your writing style and thoroughly enjoyed reading you chapters. Seriously, great going. Lots of sparkling stars, and lots of luck. x view book

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