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I'm an Army Officer and I write and fence in my spare time. I love fantasy novels, so that is pretty much what I write. I also have a bengal cat who likes to get in the way of just about everything.

favourite books

"Warbreaker" by Brandon Sanderson
"The Blue Sword" by Robin Mckinley
"The Ear the Eye and the Arm" by Nancy Farmer
The Chaos Trilogy by John C. Wright
"His Dark Materials" Trilogy by Phillip Pullman

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Jessica Mayer

Politics, secrets, and one warship that could mean freedom for a girl turned murderess.

In an empire ruled by masked lords who wield frightening powers, Riley is a prisoner serving a life sentence for murder and treason.

The Roanoke is the most powerful warship in commission, capable of launching flying air ships. When they attack the prison, Riley finds herself with an opportunity to regain her freedom in exchange for her loyalty and assistance in a rebellion.

All Riley wants is to survive, but she finds herself drawn into a war that will lead her face-to-face with the past she once tried so hard to escape.


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Andreea Daia wrote 60 days ago

Hi Jessica– Would you be interested in a swap read? I write scienc....

Trailer Bride wrote 472 days ago

Hey Jessica Looking at your profile and taste in books - I remembe....

Brian G Chambers wrote 496 days ago

Hi Jessica I’m sitting here at 85, with your help I can get further ....

Lenny Banks wrote 537 days ago

Hi Stormshine, I am reading and commenting on the books on the site, ....

Di Manzara wrote 539 days ago

Hi, how are you today? :) As we end the month of October and Jinge....

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I wrote 613 days ago

Club Grimoire Critique Hook: I have to admit up front that I am predisposed to dislike prologues that are informational only. Although I think this prologue is well written, I found myself wanting to skip over it entirely and get to the story. Plot: I think you definitely have a good plot g... view book

I wrote 614 days ago

Club Grimoire Critique Hi there! I've been trying to read those who have read and reviewed the most in Club Grimoire first, but because of your hiatus I think I missed you (even though you've participated a lot). So here I am. Hook: There are those who say that you should never open up with... view book

I wrote 618 days ago

I love the mix of fantasy and sci-fi in this story. I also like the blend of cultures. That definitely seems to be a theme here. Pelly is a very likeable character. I like that she has her own biases and you do a good job of showing the current cultural and political climate through Pelly's ... view book

I wrote 622 days ago

Club Grimoire Critique: Hook: Great setting to draw the reader in, but to me it started out a little slowly. I think it was weighed down too much by description at the beginning which took away from what was actually happening. Plot: I loved the situation opened up in the prologue. It's in... view book

I wrote 628 days ago

Club Grimoire Critique: Hook: I think you picked a good point in your story tonight. The fact that this teenager just got married was interesting. However, I thought the setting was somewhat boring. The whole haunted hotel only detracted from the suspense for me. My suggestion would be to chan... view book

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