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Many thanks to everyone who was generous enough to read and comment on my book REDOUBT. I appreciate it very much. On the basis of your positive feedback, I do now plan to continue my extensive rewrite of the original work in the vein of the chapters I posted here.

That decision reached, I'm taking my book down. For now, at least, Authonomy has served its purpose for me.

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JustinSirois wrote 109 days ago

Zoe, I thought you might be into this new novel about an app that ....

aishababy29 wrote 112 days ago

I am Aisha! How are you? hope you are fine and in perfect condition ....

perryscope wrote 123 days ago

Hi, if you have a spare moment please have a look at my new crime thr....

C.O'shea wrote 137 days ago

Hi Zoe, Thank you so much for backing my book. I came over to che....

~Evangeline~ wrote 138 days ago

You're very lovely and also very wicked. Get back to work on The Vega....

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I wrote 139 days ago

I wish they could all be punk rock girls. view book

I wrote 441 days ago

ERS Commas! Arhythmic. Over-written. view book

I wrote 461 days ago

Michael Sorry this took a while. Anyway, I looked at both your books and decided to plunge deeper into this one. It's reasonably well-written but I don't think the writing is as tight as your other book. There are quite a lot of opportunities to trim the prose. Perhaps too many descriptions f... view book

I wrote 608 days ago

Hi Angela A friend suggested I take a look at your book. I didn't have long so I dived in to Chapter Twelve. It's close to perfect. I can entirely relate. And I don't even like Nirvana! I was going to say that I would come back and read more, but I see this is already available on KIndle so I'... view book

I wrote 657 days ago

This is one of those books that makes me feel like I'm missing something. From the opening words of your pitch, I find the writing mannered and jarring. Also confusing. I guess it has to be a deliberate style choice but I cannot read sentences like "He turned at the boy and girl staring in witness o... view book

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