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I know the spelling is ruff but please. If you just give my stoies a chances I promise you will never see the wold the same aging

Im a 19 year old dyslexic writier. I cannot spell anything right but I will not let the stop me from doing what I want to do. I love to writie. All i do is think about extream worlds and people and events that you wouldn't think about in a million years

Look past the spelling please and see what my books can become

You can also see my books on YouTube where I uolode me reading them. I understan fully how bad i am at spelling :]



Im going to be famious one day for writing; books, plays, movies and eveything else. Now I say this not because im full of my self I say this because if I don't then I have no gole to reach for.
Its good to have a gole. and since im the type of person to always acheave a gole this shouldn't be a proble.
Maybe my next gole can be to learn how to spell....
That one might be harder then being famouse.

favourite books

Levithen, Shiver, Pretties, Ink Hear, The Great Gasby, Checher in the Rye, (i fear for my bad spelling so ill stop there)

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my books

Pretty in Black


A young girl trapped in a town overrun with monsters that only live in make-belive

Hazel Rice is an ordinary girl who has been thrown into a very extraordinary situation. When her “grandparents” call to have her come watch the house over the summer, she quickly realizes that not everything is as it should be. Upon arriving, she notices strange and peculiar things about her grandparents' house. Everything is covered in a thin layer of dust and all the food is rotting. She finds the town in not much better shape. She makes a startling discovery when she enters the grocery store only to find the last few people remaining coved in deep bite marks. Scared, and with the tires of the only car she could use slashed, she runs back to the house. There, she is visted in the night by the ones responsible for all the damage. While she is huddled in the corner like a small child and on the verge of being eaten, a tall, dark, mysterious man and his group saves her from certain death. "Is this mysterious man her saviour or another monster in disguise?"


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I wrote 757 days ago

Thank you I really needed that today. Some time I feel like I should just give up on everything. I hope you keep watching and i hope you love it, I put so much into this Id be heart broken if it didn't become what I know it could be. view book

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